Reliable sources to get your makeup tips from

Love wearing makeup but not sure yuo’re making he most of it? Find out how to source makeup tips from reliable sources.

Not everyone is a natural at applying makeup. Some of us find it easy, or perhaps learned how to apply it properly from their mothers. Others of us have never properly been shown how to wear makeup, and may worry that we’re not making the most of it.

But if you’re in the latter camp (or in the former and just want to learn more techniques) where can you go for reliable advice? Luckily today we’re spoiled for options. Here are some reliable sources for makeup tips.

Explore the official websites

One of the easiest ways you can get makeup tips is to explore the official websites of the makeup products you own or you wish to purchase. On their websites they often share the proper way to apply the products on your face, as well as on how to properly store them, just like Trio Beauty does. 

The beauty experts behind Infi Beaut suggest that, as well as visiting the official sites of the products, you should also read review sites as they can provide valuable insights on the beauty products you wish to use.

So not only will you be able to learn the proper application of a particular product, but you will also have a good idea whether it will work for you too.

Check out social media platforms

Another way to get all the makeup tips that you need is by checking out social media platforms and following some of the most credible beauty experts and influencers. When you follow them, you will be notified whenever they have a new update on their social media account so you can keep abreast of updates.

Some beauty experts and influencers only post on their favourite platform, whereas others have accounts on several social media platforms, meaning you can find tips in the format you like and are used to.

Watch YouTube tutorials

Yo can also learn more about applying makeup from the many YouTube tutorials that are available online. Aside from showing the proper way to apply makeup, there are also YouTube tutorials that are focused on particular techniques, such as contouring, or how you can make beauty products enhance your best facial features.

There are even tutorials that focus on how you can match your makeup with your outfit, or show you how to apply a complete face of makeup in a matter of minutes. The key is in being selective about the tutorials you watch to ensure that you actually learn something helpful.

Technology has made it easier than ever to get the advice you need

The advancements in modern technology have paved the way for plenty of helpful information to be available online. And when it comes to makeup, it means you aren’t left trying to work out how to apply it yourself, or relying on tips from friends or magazine articles.

Instead you can be proactive and find many different sources of advice – and even get video tutorials on Instagram and YouTube!