Read 15 productivity tips from top business founders (and learn how to apply them)

When work is just one of the important, high-responsibility areas in your life, working to maximum productivity is essential.

More than anyone else, you need ensure you’re working smartly and not wasting a minute. This work ethic has been the secret of many of the founders of today’s most successful businesses.

And now they’re sharing their productivity tips with us.

“Don’t spend your day managing to inbox zero,” advises Rent The Runway founder Jennifer Hyman. “Pick one to two problems every day that are important for you to dig into strategically and allot real time to them by cutting off your access to email, texts and social media notifications that seduce all of us out of the zone.”

Hyman’s tip is a great way to self-manage. But it’s also good to remember that helping your team work more efficiently can also work in your favour.

“I insist that people on the Birchbox team indicate when they need a response in all emails,” says that company’s co-founder, Katia Beauchamp. “It makes prioritization so much faster.”

If you’d love more advice, this new resource from packs 15 such productivity tips from founders into one single infographic – complete with follow-up advice on how to execute each suggestion.

When your business runs like clockwork, it frees up a whole lot of time and mental space to be more playful in other areas of your life.

Photo by Xavi Cabrera