Proposal planning tips for New Year’s Eve

Timing your wedding proposal right is important as it gives you a better chance of getting an affirmative answer. Read on for some planning tips.

Some occasions make a marriage proposal all the more memorable, so you may decide to pop the question on these special days. For example, you could do it on your partner’s birthday or the anniversary of your relationship. The New Year is also around the corner, and it is an ideal time to pop the big question.

But you cannot take things for granted when it comes to planning for the event. In fact, you may have to go the extra mile with the preparations because of the festive rush on New Year’s Eve. Here are some tips for planning an epic proposal for the big day. 

Get a head start with bookings

A proposal deserves good planning because it is a super-special event. Getting a head start with preparations makes sense, specifically when timing the event around the New Year.

Expect the venues to be booked and restaurants jam-packed for the evening. The best way to overcome the challenge is to book your venue or table well on time. It enables you to avoid the last-minute rush and focus on other aspects of the preparations. 

Plan your own event

Avoid making the proposal a part of a New Year party, and consider planning your own event. The excitement should not overlap, so focus on an intimate party instead of a large-scale celebration. If you want to invite your friends and family for a surprise, inform them in advance to ensure they do not have other party plans. Arrange your event meticulously to make it a success.

Shop for the engagement ring

An engagement ring is perhaps the crucial element of a proposal, so you must get it ready on time. Leaving ring shopping until the end is the worst mistake because designers may close down around the holidays.

You may also want to explore custom unique engagement rings instead of buying a ready one. You have to give the designer enough time to process your order, so be sure to do it weeks ahead of the big day. 

Rehearse the act

New Year’s Eve has an incredible vibe, but you will not want it to overshadow the excitement of your proposal. Rehearsing your act beforehand gets you in a good place as you feel confident about getting down to your knees in a room full of people.

You can even write down what you want to say or pen a poem or song for your partner. Alternatively, let the words come randomly as you experience the joy of the moment.

Seize the moment

Another valuable tip to make your New Year proposal extra special is to seize the moment. Keep an eye on the clock and pop the question when it strikes twelve. There couldn’t be a better way to take your relationship to the next level than at the beginning of the year. Things get even better when planning an engagement surprise because your partner least expects the move.

A New Year’s proposal is a great idea, but you must prepare for it to make it a perfect one. Follow these tips to make the most of the occasion for yourself and your partner.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw