Personalised gift or experience day – what should you give on Valentine’s Day?

Looking for gift ideas for your partner this Valentine’s Day? Here are some quick experiences and personalised gift suggestions. 

It can be a minefield knowing what you should gift someone on Valentines Day. Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or married for several decades, you may feel that you’ve exhausted all the gifting options over time, or alternatively have no idea where to start!

It doesn’t need to be a hard task, however. There’s a range of gifts available which are suitable no matter the length of time your affections for your significant other have been ignited for. To help you, here’s a quick guide to steer you in the right direction for how you should spoil your better half this Valentine’s Day.

Give them a shared experience based on a mutual passion

Knowing the types of things your partner might be particularly fond of is the best place to start. If your love developed over a shared passion for cheese for example (who doesn’t love cheese?), then a romantic night in sharing fondue may be a thoughtful gift for them.

You can really spoil them here, as it is a gift which will create memories for you both. In a world where people now value gaining as many experiences as possible over owning lots of things, this would be the perfect gift for those wanting a no-frills Valentine’s Day to remember with their loved one.

Add a bottle of wine and a film into the mix for afterwards and you have the perfect recipe for a successful Valentine’s Day for a newly coupled up pair.

Give them an experience day

If you’re feeling a bit more extravagant and have been with your partner for several years, you could choose a more active alternative.

For example, you might not have considered one before, but experience days are ever-growing in popularity and something which will certainly provide you and your partner with a new experience.

Selecting from a wide range of available options, such as climbing the iconic dome of the o2, solving a crime scene investigation, or land yachting, there’s definitely something for everyone to try. With plenty of experiences to choose from, both on and off the ground, this will definitely be a memorable gift – for all the right reasons!

Give them a personalised gift

Finally, if don’t fancy a night of dipping bread into melted cheese, or think feel that bungee jumping from a tall building would be the best Valentine’s Day experience for you and your partner, take it back to basics and spoil them with a fancy dinner out and a personalised valentines gift you can surprise them with at the table.

(It could even be the perfect time to surprise them with a 1 carat engagement ring!)

Because despite the length of time you’ve been with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, a romantic evening in one of your favourite restaurants reflecting on your relationship thus far is always a sure winner.

Photo by Wyron A