Passover in Israel 2022 – why this year it will be more expansive

Passover 2022 is going to be something special. 2022 is a leap year so the holiday falls a little later in the spring than normal.

That in itself is going to increase the number of people who are on spring break and traveling, and add the people celebrating Passover and that increases the size of the crowds at any given place.

Israel is one of the Passover destinations that are on the bucket list of the majority of Jewish people. It is also the one place that is on the bucket list of the majority of all Christians. Israel is full of religious sites and historical places so it is a very attractive place that most people want to see at least once in their life.

Many Israelites will not be traveling

One of the reasons why Israel is going to see a more expansive Passover in 2022 is that many people have been cooped up and denied the freedom to travel for the last two years. People are ready to get out and go to places they find important to them. There will be large throngs of travelers entering Israel as tourists this year.

On the other hand, there will be a lot of Israel nationals who choose to not leave their country for the Passover holiday. The values of the Shekel is equal to about thirty-one cents in the United States. That means that traveling to another country is more expensive for the people of Israel and on the heels of the pandemic when so many people experienced financial losses many people cannot actually afford to travel outside of their country. 

Many of the people in Israel own small businesses and shops. At a time like Passover when there will be large crowds of people visiting the country the people who own shops and small businesses cannot afford to go abroad and miss the opportunity to make money.

The value of the Shekel to the United States dollar will also increase the number of people who are traveling to the country. The lower value of the Shekel means that the American dollar will go farther so more Americans are going to be making the trip to Israel than ever before.

Coronavirus is impacting travel

Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is still a real factor and many Israelites are concerned about traveling and becoming infected with this deadly disease. These fears are understandable and all people should remain cautions about close contact with other people, and keep maintaining social distances and properly sanitized hands.

Passover programs

One of the things that is going to encourage more Jewish people to travel to Israel in 2022 are the Passover Programs. In these programs a hotel or resort will accommodate the Jewish traveler with everything they need to celebrate the holiday religiously. 

The hotel or resort will take care of removing all chametz from the premises of the establishment. The food preparation will be done in proper utensils that have never had a chametz item in them and Jewish Rabbis and elders are on hand to make sure that all of the food is Passover Kosher and prepared properly.

The programs establish a place for the Jewish traveler to stay for the entire week of Passover. The establishment has services and prayers included in their daily activities. They create kids clubs that children can go to and participate in activities as well as learn about their religion.

The programs usually include all food and beverages that the traveler will require while on holiday. They may even offer to pack lunches for the guests to take with them when they go out on excursions. The food services usually include all three meals, snacks, tea times, early dinners for children, and possibly foods in the rooms to keep the guests satisfied.

These programs offer entertainment most nights of the holiday so the guests can be entertained without ever having to leave the grounds of the resort. Many of the entertainers that perform at the Passover Programs are some of the top booking artists, singers, lecture givers, and dancers. The shows are normally included in the price of the stay, and for the more adult shows the hotel will even offer baby sitting services so families can tuck the children in bed and then attend the later show.

The atmosphere in Israel is special

The atmosphere in Israel during Passover is unlike any other place in the world. The greatest concentration of Jewish people are in this area and the greatest number of Jewish historical sites are close at hand. When you want down the street during the week you can feel the excitement and the celebration. This atmosphere is another reason why people will be going to Israel in greater numbers this year.

After two years of battling the pandemic people are ready to feel excited and feel the joyous celebration that they can share with others. People who have previously wanted to go to Israel and have put it off have been reminded that time is short so they are going to be going to Israel in greater numbers.

People want to float on the Dead Sea, they want to see the Sea of Galilee, and travel to Bethlehem. They want to connect to their religious beliefs and they want to come away from this holiday more secure in their belief system.

Make your arrangements as early as possible

Since Israel is going to be one of the hot spots that people want to travel to this Passover it is recommended that you make your arrangements as soon as possible. The holiday is only a few short months away, and the early bird does get the worm, or at least they are more likely to get the airplane ticket.

There will be many hotels across Israel, hosting a Passover Program in 2022, however due to the strong Shekel – NIS – and the fact that many Israelis are hesitant to go abroad because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is expected that Passover 2022 will be the most expansive, so in case you will prefer to stay home we have also created a list of Passover hotels in popular US locations