Onsite vs offsite SEO: What should you focus on?

Understanding the difference between onsite and offsite SEO will help you to get the best out of both opportunities so that you can enjoy maximum exposure when it comes to the big search engines.

Onsite and offsite SEO, which you will also see talked about as on-page and off-page SEO are immensely important when you consider that they are the two key components in relation to the search engine optimization process.

Get that aspect of your strategy right, along with other critical decisions such as choosing the best guest posting service and you will give yourself the best chance of getting noticed and growing your business.

Making your website search engine friendly

The fundamental element of making your website search engine friendly is what onsite SEO is all about.

The process involves making the required adjustments to your website in such a way that a search engine can crawl as well as understand how your content is presented and the way your website is structured.

The bottom line is that if you focus on ensuring that a search engine can retrieve all the information and data it needs it will enhance your chances of ranking higher in their index.

Strangely enough, it is not exactly rocket science to get your onsite SEO right.

Addressing issues such as page titles and descriptions so that they are optimized in the best way for search engine crawlers is a prime example of how onsite SEO tactics can really help.

Why offsite SEO is so important

Let’s turn our attention to offsite SEO and highlight why it is so important as part of your overall SEO strategy.

In basic terms, offsite SEO describes all of your collective efforts to promote your website, aside from advertising. Two of the most mainstream methods that are usually the focus of your attention in this area of SEO are the use of links to your website from other sites, and social media marketing initiatives.

Link building is particularly important and it is easy to see why. When someone enters a query in the search engine box the likes of Google make a decision on which websites to display in return of your search.

The algorithms used by search engines are heavily influenced by the links pointing to a particular website. Your aim is to build up a good number of natural links that the likes of Google consider to be positive.

Content marketing and guest posting are considered to be highly effective ways of influencing search engines in a positive way, provided they are done in the right way.

Based on this brief overview, should your focus be more on onsite or offsite SEO?

Although you clearly need both aspects to be right for the best results, it is also clear that one follows the other. Get your onsite SEO elements right and you can then focus a lot more of your time on offsite SEO, which should deliver noticeable rewards.

It stands to reason that if you focus your attention on offsite SEO the natural links you obtain will boost your rankings.