Nine famous brand statements to inspire you

Want to stand out from your competitors? You need a unique brand statement. Here are nine famous examples to inspire you. 

For a brand to stay in people’s radar, it isn’t just crucial to focus on giving the best product or service, but to build memorability. This memorability is often rooted in different aspects – one of which is the brand statement. Your brand statement has the power to keep your brand going. 

Here are some famous business brand statement examples which can also be used for visual content to enhance marketing strategy.

1) Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis – Patagonia

Just as the purpose of their brand, their brand statement is kept simple yet subtle.

Patagonia is one of the best American clothing companies that markets and sells outdoor clothing and gear. Apart from that they operate with a motto to save environment and work towards improving its conditions.

For that, the company commits 1% of its total sales to environmental groups and encourages other organizations to do the same.

With their brand statement, they reflect the same values that they follow. Manufacturing and selling quality outdoor clothing, harming none and saving the environment as they move.

2) To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy – Tesla

There’s something that we can really learn from Tesla. The art of being relatable.

As the conventional energy resources are ceasing to exist, more and more people are moving towards other sustainable sources of energy.

And that’s exactly what Tesla’s mission is about. To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. As simple and relatable as it could be.

No wonder Tesla could connect with such a wide bracket of people converging all of their interests at one common affair. Sustainable energy.

3) Our blades are f*ck*ng great – Dollar Shave Club

When Dollar Shave Club says “Our blades are f*ck*ng great”, they instantly catch people’s attention with their tongue in cheek statement.

It works well because 1) it targets their audience effectively and 2) it explains their product’s quality in the simplest yet most intriguing manner possible.

Hitting the nail at the right spot, what else is needed in the first go?

4) Magically making your dreams come true – Walt Disney World

The dreams that most of us saw as kids never came to life. Walt Disney World fills that void.

The moment you drive through your way into the Disney world, it all starts to seem like if you’re living your childhood dream. 

Guess what? They simply do what they say. 

The tagline says ‘Where your dreams come true’. With everything starting from legendary disney cartoon characters to the stunningly brilliant typhoon lagoon or Blizzard Beach., it’s just too fascinating to not blow your mind.

Perfectly going with the mission statement.

5) You above all – Jetblue

Your flight experience is the most important thing and Jetblue will do whatever’s required. 

With that said, Jetblue has set the standards right. Keeping the customers above anything else, delivering a class apart airline service providing everything you’d need on a flight. 

Just what their tagline – ‘our standards are their extras’says.

6) Think different – Apple

You remember using computers back in the 90s? IBM was on fire.

Their tagline was ‘Think’. No wonder, it took them miles making Apple to have to face an uphill battle overall. But then they came up with something different.

‘Think Different’.

And it ends all discussions. Right there.

This one worked so well that Apple used it through the early 2000s.

7) Food so good, so clean, so wholesome, you feel like you should be paying more – Chipotle

I definitely love this one. Totally compels one into believing in the quality of food. 

For those wondering, Chipotle is a fast-food chain relying on exceptional ingredients. This is the real food with no GMOs, and other doesn’t-this-make-you-feel-good-about-yourself? promises. 

And so with a brand statement so strong, every piece of Chipotle’s marketing collateral revolves around this.

8) The highest standards weren’t available, so we created them – Whole Foods

Another brick in the wall. On the same lines as Chipotle, Whole Foods promises the world’s best, cleanest, most sustainable, most ethical, and healthiest ingredients.

The idea is to use ingredients that are close to the earth and local farmers. Basically as organic and pure as it gets.

 Just as their brand statement signifies, they are definitely doing something to add value to their consumers’ lives.

 The ad simply means that when no one had invented the best food wheel, Whole Foods just did that.

9) Travel brilliantly – JW Marriott

JW Marriott is a luxury hotel and resort chain. Their brand statement is simple and spot on.

‘Travel brilliantly’might come off as too straight to some, turns out, that’s the aim. All they want to convey is that they want all of their guests to have the time of their lives, leaving the hotel experience, comfort and everything in between to them.

Their idea of operation is to hire the best, highly qualified and most trained elite hotel staff. This helps them deliver an exceptional experience to their guests. Basically, letting them ‘Travel brilliantly’.

It’s worth finding your own brand statement

Apart from the best product quality, customer service and support and conventional marketing means, there’s a lot to selling your products or services. 

Coming up with your very own personal brand statement might consume some of your time, in the long run it’ll always benefit you. Also, a brand statement would define your company, its ethics and the mottos that it works with.
This forms a path for your upcoming marketing ideas to walk on.

So, work on it. Think things out. Know your motto and rock it with your brand statement. To know more you can keep these killer content writing tips in mind. 

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Photo by Medhat Dawoud