Need a website? Find out how no-code software development tools can help

Find out why it’s important to have a website if you are a small business or freelancer, and how no-code software development tools can help you create one with no budget or tech skills.

Have you ever imagined a world without electricity? Several movies have tried to explain how important electricity is by creating plots around a lack of this basic amenity. Revolution (2012), Waterworld (1995), Mad Max (1979), The Postman (1997), are just a few.

The truth is that many of the luxuries and every day amenities we take for granted today would not exist without electricity. And one in particular that has come to dominate our lives: the internet.

Without the internet many of the ways we live our lives today would just not exist. As would many of the jobs we now do, and businesses we run.

How to make the most of the internet as a business woman or freelancer

If you have a business today – or are a freelancer – the chances are you’ll have a website. A website acts as a digital shop front, business card and even entire shop if you sell online. And while you can set up a social media account, such as Facebook page, for your business, nothing beats a website for establishing your brand, building a reputation and selling.

In fact, NOT having a website can be seen as a red flag for some customers and clients. When looking for a business or freelancer to buy from or work with, they’ll want to do due diligence and check you out. And to do that they’ll want to look at your website.

On your website they’ll find all the information they need to make a decision to buy from you or work with you – including details about you and your business (including your story), your services or products, your FAQs, your testimonials and case studies and your contact details. Your website is also proof that you really exist and are legitimate.

No-code software development tools and the good news about fulfilling career goals

But while you may know you need a website, actually getting one up and running isn’t always that simple. You don’t have the coding skills to build one yourself, and can;’t afford to hire a web design agency to build one for you.

The good news, though, is that you don’t need to be a tech wizard or have deep pockets to create a brilliant website for your business. Instead you can use no-code software development tools like the Andromo platform.

Unlike websites that are traditionally built, you don’t need a developer to build a no-code software website as it doesn’t require a massive amount of coding and other IT-related skills. So even if you can’t design and build a traditionally created website on your own, there are other options.

Rather than try to find a reliable web developer, pay their fees and wait for them to build your website, you can take control and clear your own. With no-code software development tools you simply choose a website template that meets your needs and tastes.

You can then easily create your own website, on your own timeline, using their easy web builder tools – usually as easy as drag and drop. (If you can build emails using tools like Mailchimp you can easily build your own website with these tools). It’s much cheaper than hiring a developer and gives you more freedom to play around and choose the design you like.

Ready to build your own website?

So if you’re keen to create your own website but don’t have the budget to hire a developer, or the skills to code your own, why not opt for no-code software development tools? They make it easy, affordable and accessible for small businesses and freelancers to get the website they need without hassle.