Three methods to download Twitch Streams on different devices

Discover the best ways to download Twitch streams on your desired device for your forever dependency-free streaming experience.

Twitch is the ultimate platform if your recreation is confined to playing or watching Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnight, or other video games. So, to enjoy your favorite Twitch videos in your offline world, you need to download Twitch streams with your customization.

An introduction to Twitch

Watching Twitch’s past broadcasts, highlights, and live gaming with commentary is one of the most fascinating things to all video game lovers. Now, for repeat watching any of your favorite gaming videos on the Twitch platform, you don’t have to depend on the internet or any particular device. 

Instead, you need to download Twitch streams on your desired device, and you can go with your offline watching on any device anytime without any internet requirement. You can also share your high-quality Twitch downloads with your friend for simultaneous streaming in the offline world.

What is Twitch Stream?

Twitch is a well-known American video game live-streaming website where gamers take part in competitions. This site offers video-on-demand or live-streaming services. On the homepage of this website, you will find content in categories including fighting games, racing games, first-person shooters, etc. 

Here, a gamer can broadcast a live stream or watch other gamers’ streaming. Live streaming comes with gameplay commentary; viewers can connect to it through a chat box in the sidebar. Apart from gaming, there is other programming, such as cooking shows, talk shows, games-related conversations, sports events, etc. An average Twitch video lasts for one to two hours.

Three different ways to download Twitch Streams

If you want to repeat- any Twitch tournaments on your internet and device dependency-free offline watch, you must look for the safest and most flexible option to download Twitch streams. So, here you get the best three Twitch downloaders for multiple platforms and devices.

Method 1: How to download Twitch Stream with StreamFab Video Downloader for Windows/Mac

While downloading Twitch videos on your computer, you can download unlimited audio-video content from over 1000 websites, including social media, OTT platforms, New websites, gaming platforms, etc, with the StreamFab Video Downloader. While getting ads-free permanent Twitch downloads, you can customize your downloads’ audio video quality, formats, and many other aspects.


Here are the features of Twitch Streams:

  • Ads-free download with video auto-detection via the built-in browser
  • 720p/1080p video quality with EAC3 5.1/AAC 2.0/AC3 5.1 audio channel
  • Mp4 format for all device access of downloads
  • Auto-downloads coming up videos simultaneous batch downloading
  • Save subtitles and metadata depending on your choice
  • Supports resolution up to 8K and Mp3 audio format in 320kbps

Steps to download Twitch Streams

Here are the three steps to download Twitch Streams:

  • Step 1: After starting the StreamFab on your computer, you must head to the website from where you will download the Twitch streams.
  • Step 2: After that, find and copy the Twitch video link for downloading and paste the copied Twitch video link into the search section of the homepage of the StreamFab All-In-One downloader.
  • Step 3: After hitting the enter option, you will get a window to customize your selected Twitch video with quality, format, etc. Afterward, opt for the “Download Now” option to end the Twitch video downloading process.

Method 2: How to download Twitch Streams with SteamFab for Android

If you are streaming your favorite Twitch videos on your Android smartphone or tablet, with StreamFab for Android downloader, you can download Twitch streams instantly on your smartphone. Along with flexible civilization, you enjoy high-quality downloads on any device from 1000-plus websites forever. You can share your downloads with anyone on any device.

Features of SteamFab

Here are some of the features of SteamFab:

  • 720p and 1080p resolution support with AAC 2.0 audio track
  • Mp4 format to transfer downloads to multiple devices and platforms
  • Remove ads and save subtitles 
  • Simultaneous downloading in batches to save time
  • Auto-detection of the video with a built-in browser
  • Enjoy video quality up to 8K
  • It also supports Mp3 in 320 kbps
  • Free trial to enjoy Amazon downloader and Netflix downloader.

Steps to download Twitch Streams

Here are the steps to download Twitch Streams with StreamFab:

  • Step 1: Once you have successfully launched the StreamFab software on your Android device, head to the program’s main interface on the homepage.
  • Step 2: To access the Twitch website, you can click the shortcut entry or enter the website URL in the program. 
  • Step 3: While browsing the website, you should select and play the Twitch video. Then customize the video with format, quality, etc.
  • Step 4: After finishing your output profile customization, select the “Download Now” option to end the downloading process.

Method 3: How to download Twitch Streams With for iOS is a free online tool to download Twitch streams on your iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, etc. This tool is also compatible with all the other devices and platforms. While downloading past broadcasts to live streams, you can download Twitch video clips with a few clicks.

Features of

Here are the features of

  • No registration or separate app installation required
  • Past broadcast gets downloaded automatically
  • Fastest service with unlimited downloading option
  • Safe and secure interface and all downloads saved in one location
  • Resolution selection option from 480p to 1080p
  • It supports the Mp4 format

Steps to download Twitch Streams

Here are the steps to download Twitch Streams with

  • Step 1: Open the Twitch official website Twitch. tv on your iOS or other device.
  • Step 2: While streaming any Twitch content, including live stream, broadcast, highlights, etc., you must click on the screen during streaming.
  • Step 3: Select the share option at the bottom of the video. You will get three of sharing the Twitch clip through direct links, social media, and twitch whisper.

Ready to download Twitch Streams?

When searching for the option to download Twitch Streams, you must keep in mind that the more you customize your Twitch download, the maximum satisfaction you will get in your offline entertainment.

As the online tool has many limitations in customization and other risks involved in this tool, StreamFab is the most appropriate option for your permanent high-quality Twitch downloads.