Lizzie Carr’s freelancer story

As part of our freelance celebration we’re sharing the experiences of female freelancers. Here’s Lizzie Carr’s story.

What do you do? 

I do two things. Firstly, I provide marketing and brand expertise to help businesses and brands successfully sell their products. Secondly, I partner with companies to help grow their business, brand or portfolio through creating breakthrough product and service ideas. 

How long have you been a freelancer?

A little over a year.

Why did you go freelance?

After having two kids, I wanted to have more balance in my life, and didn’t feel that there was a traditional working model that supported this agency or client side.

What do you love about being a freelancer?

The fact I can pick-up my kids everyday and hear all about their day at school. And making sure we never run out of milk at home!

And what do you hate about being a freelancer?

There are times when it is lonely working by yourself.

How long did it take to earn an income you were happy with?

I was very lucky, it was straightaway.

And how long to get a good client rota?

I am still working on it. As soon as you get comfortable, something changes and everything is up in the air again.

Have you ever turned a client down? And if so, why?

Yes; it was in a sector that I did not feel comfortable working in.

If you could offer any advice to yourself starting out as a freelancer what would it be?

Just go with the flow; be prepared for ups and downs, and remember to keep an eye on your new business funnel when you are working flat out as you don’t want to suddenly realise that you don’t have any work.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of becoming a freelancer?

Enjoy the freedom of setting your own working style, but be prepared for a few bumps along the road – have a contingency pot in case you need to dip into it.

If you could offer any advice to the family of a freelancer?

Your mum or dad might be at home, but they are working. So let please don’t ask them to do lots of family admin all the time.

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