Leasing a car in New York – helpful tips

New Yorkers have to choose between leasing and financing a car very often, and the first option usually provides even more benefits.

The desire to enjoy your drive around NYC streets may come true in this case, and you don’t need to pay a fortune for it. Whether you search for the best GMC lease offers, want to try an EV like Cadillac Lyriq or Lexus ES 300H, or dream of a small city car like Chevrolet Bolt, you may win a lot from your deals thanks to lucrative offers and incentives a lessor may provide.

As the service is in demand, the number of leasing firms keep growing and the offers may seem to be more and more tempting. So, is it possible to follow your way and make a good lease deal at a trustworthy dealer in the Big Apple? It is – and now, we are going to tell you how.

What are the criteria of a good car leasing company in NY?

Experienced lessees usually see if they can trust a company or not in a couple of minutes. However, you may feel at a loss if it is your first try? Experts of Grand Prix Motors, one of the largest car leasing companies in Brooklyn offer some recommendations which can help you sort out the offers:

  • Explore the lineup: The more specials and trim levels there are in the catalog of the company, the more trustworthy it is and more freedom of choice you have. You may be interested in Ford car leases and then change your mind and sign up for BMW; a good dealer always has many options to offer.
  • Study the prices: A reliable company usually offers average or slightly lower monthly payouts. If the payments are extremely high or strikingly low, it is a reason to be suspicious.
  • Consider testimonials: Studying customers’ reviews is a good idea especially if they are posted anywhere but on the lessor’s website. If most of them are good, a couple of bad testimonials are ok. If there is no feedback at all, it is much worse, as reviews may be deleted or the company is just a dummy.
  • Evaluate service: Comprehensive assistance along with clear and understandable contracts show that a lessor really cares. Reliable companies always help their customers feel comfortable and confident about the coming deal and always repay the trust.

How to lease a car in NYC – a short guide

Well, you chose a leasing company and want to prepare for the deal better. New York companies offer two options which are visiting a dealer’s office in person or leasing a car online. The second option implies similar steps in all companies; for instance, Grand Prix Motor customers are to do the following:

  • Study the catalog and choose a car.
  • Request a quote via the form on the website.
  • Receive a personal offer from the dealer and study it carefully.
  • Negotiate the terms.
  • Order a door-to-door car delivery.
  • Get the car and sign the contract.

So, the process is easy, and it doesn’t matter if you make a Mercedes or a Honda lease deal in NYC. Just keep your eyes open, check every step, and your leasing experience is more likely to be a success!