Kitchen clearout – five tips for creating a clutter-free kitchen

Does your kitchen need a good clearout? Here are five tips for creating a clutter-free kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home; all your family meals are prepared here, and it’s where everybody inevitably gathers during a party.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the space being eternally full of clutter as people are always coming and going and using the space. Seeking help from professionals such as APEX Hood Cleaning Services which specializes in cleaning residential kitchen hoods is essential to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your home’s kitchen.

To help you maintain some order in this high-traffic area of your home, here are five top tips for keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

1) Ditch excessive cookware 

Ask yourself whether your clutter is due to inadequate storage or owning more cookware than you need. Similar to an overflowing closet, homeowners often accumulate more cookware than their kitchens can handle. If you have functional pots, pans, and kitchen accessories that you’re barely using, the best way to declutter is to rehome, sell, or donate them. 

You can avoid ending up in this scenario again by investing in comprehensive cookware sets rather than buying individual items over time and impulse buying new appliances. Using sets will also make your kitchen look more coordinated, even when you’re in the midst of a messy cooking project! 

2) Use labels in your pantries and freezer storage

Say goodbye to the days of finding ‘mystery meat’ in your freezer and commit to labeling everything that comes into your kitchen. Labels work wonders when it comes to keeping your freezer, pantry, and kitchen cupboards organized, and they require minimal effort to make. 

All you need is to find a bit of paper and some tape, stickers, or a permanent marker. If you need the extra incentive, get yourself a nifty, new label maker to make the practice a bit more fun and something the kids could even help with.

3) Have multiple bins

It may sound counterproductive to suggest owning more items, but when your goal is a tidier kitchen, a more efficient waste disposal system can really help. Make sure you have small bins close to your cooking zones. During food prep, use these bins to collect waste so that you can efficiently clean as you go. If you keep jars, cans, or any reusable packaging, then get yourself a bin or designated area to put these in so that they don’t end up cluttering your cooking area.

4) Use your wall space wisely

A lot of people fail to notice their walls as viable options for extra storage, but going vertical can really help maximize your space, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. Installing shelving is one idea, but if you’re renting or simply don’t want to be drilling holes in your wall, adding adhesive hooks will work just as well.

Use them to free up your cabinets and countertops by hanging dish towels, lightweight storage racks, utensils, or perhaps even items like strainers. 

5) Banish your toaster from the counter

It’s so common to keep small appliances on top of the kitchen counter for quick access that many people don’t even realize how much it contributes to the ‘cluttered kitchen’ look. Unless you are constantly toasting, you will find you greatly prefer the extra counter space and the neater look you can achieve by stowing the appliance away.

Store your toasters, blenders, and other appliances in cabinets or drawers near your countertop, and admire the difference it makes to your kitchen!All these tips are easy, cheap, and achievable in one afternoon. Try them out today, and watch your kitchen transform into the neat and cozy entertainment space your household deserves.