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Love more customers and more sales, but don’t feel your current marketing plan (if you have one) is working? 

If so you’re not alone. According to a study by Outbound Engine, as many as 50% of small business owners don’t have a marketing strategy – which means they’re missing out on valuable sales, growth and profit.

Join Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin for a free webinar at 10am UK time on Tuesday 1 February and discover how to plan a marketing strategy that WORKS in just seven steps.

In this free online class Hannah will explain: 

  • Two reasons why you need to be crustal clear about your target audience
  • And a powerful example of how this can immediately turn around your sales results
  • The biggest mistake small businesses and freelancers make with their marketing journey
  • The key information you need to know before creating marketing messaging
  • Why you need to plan your content – and what you need to do it
  • How a SMART goal can make or break your marketing 
  • What you need to do once your marketing plan is up and running

You’ll also learn how Hannah was able to increase the profits of Talented Ladies Club by 3,150% in just five years – while working half the number of hours, thanks to marketing.  

You’ll find this webinar helpful if:

  • You’ve been running your business (or working as a freelancer) for a while but haven’t yet cracked how to consistently bring in sales or bookings
  • You’re starting out and want to get your marketing plan right from the outset
  • You’re tired of sales gimmicks and guesswork and want to do marketing properly

The right marketing strategy will transform your business or freelance career. After watching this class you’ll have a much clearer idea of what a plan needs to include, and the process of creating one. 

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How to plan a marketing strategy that WORKS in seven steps
Time and date: 10am UK time Tuesday 1 February 

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