Join our free webinar: 10 things you need for the next year in business

Are you starting a business? Or trying to grow one? If so, there are some things you absolutely need to get right if you want to succeed. Things that most businesses who fail get wrong. 

And in my free webinar at 11:30am UK time on Monday 13 September, I’ll share 10 of them – and explain what actions you need to take over the next year to get them right. 

Join me in this free webinar to discover:

  • How having a SMART business goal helped put our business on the national map less than one year after launch.
  • How to find (and plug) the holes in your business. 
  • The biggest pricing mistake most small businesses make.
  • The one thing most marketing plans miss out – and why it inevitably leads to failure. 
  • How I overcame my fear of selling – and how you can too. 
  • The six elements you need for a powerful brand that attracts the right customers. 
  • The two words that helped us build a Twitter following of over 40,000 in just four years. 
  • Why SEO is easier than you think (and why you don’t want to rank for the most popular keywords)
  • How to stop thinking yourself out of the success you want. 
  • And why you need a ‘living business plan’ – and what needs to be in it. 

I promise you you’ll walk away with much more knowledge about what it takes to grow a successful business, and some actions you can start working on straight away – and over the next 12 months. 

Who’s your teacher for this class?

This webinar class is led by me, Hannah Martin. Eight years ago I launched Talented Ladies Club with the mission to help women unlock their potential through brilliant online content and training courses. 

Over those eight years I have grown Talented Ladies from an unknown startup (with no launch budget) to over 100,000 monthly readers around the globe and an academy packed with popular online courses and masterclasses. 

There have been many ups and downs along the way, and it’s my personal goal to help entrepreneurs and freelancers avoid the mistakes I made – and shortcut their success by taking the RIGHT actions. 

I’ll share proven insights and strategies with you in this one-off webinar

This free webinar could be the difference between working hard on the wrong things (and earning little money) and working confidently and consistently on the right areas of your business – and earning the money you deserve. 

It can also be the difference between frustration and disenchantment (and ultimately giving up on your business dream) and enjoying the process and the rewards that come your way. 

Over the past seven years I have helped many entrepreneurs and freelancers start, transform and grow successful businesses – while growing my own – and the insights and strategies I share with you in this free class are proven to work. 

I can’t wait to share them with you and help you set off on the right path over the next year. So please do join me. Even if you can’t attend live, book your place and we will send you a recording afterwards.  

Book your place now (even if you can’t join us live) on our class at 11:30am UK time on Monday 13 September.