Is video costing you business? Why you need to start making them now (and why you don’t need to be perfect at it)

Video is more important than ever – but too many of us are missing out on it. Find out why it’s so important, and how you DON’T need to be perfect.

We’ve grown up sitting on the sofa watching TV. We fell in love with Ross from Friends, or jumped behind the sofa in Doctor Who. We intrinsically understand how to form connections with people on screen, and those relationships are just as strong as in real life. 

And that’s why video matters to you if you’re a business owner. 

Fast-forward 30 years and these same relationships have been replaced by the social media stars of today. The influencers on Instagram and YouTube have the same pulling power as any Rachel or Ross. 

Anyone can be an influencer using video

Anyone can be an influencer on social media. Anyone can create a YouTube channel or an Instagram account and start building connections. And as a business owner, this has never been more important.

Building a brand isn’t just about spending money on a logo and choosing some fonts for your website. You want to establish relationships, and brand loyalty, and you can do this through video for FREE. 

Our brain is able to form connections with the screen, and we believe that we know the person on screen (ever waved at a famous person in real life and believed that you know them?! Cringe, cringe!).  

As I’m sure you’re aware, the goal as business owners is to ensure that our customers get to know, like and trust us. Video enables you to build that know, like and trust factor. 

We’re five times more likely to buy after watching a video

Facebook says that people are five times more likely to buy a product if they watch a video, compared to if they see a still photo of the ad. 

Video can help you to build and scale your business, and for business owners it is more imperative than ever to create compelling videos. 

Talk to your customers using video on social media. Chat with them on Instagram Live, use Facebook Watch, and use Twitter or Snapchat if that’s where your audience hangs out.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished. People just want to get to know YOU. (Just make sure you avoid these eight common mistakes…)

Video ads work brilliantly on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and can enable you to retarget your ad campaigns to people who have actually watched your videos. So, if you’re using Facebook ads, then this will save you money!

Videos can drive free traffic to your website

You might think that your audience doesn’t hang out on YouTube, but actually you may be surprised. 90% of internet users are using Google, and they’re asking questions… How can I get pregnant? How can I grow my business? What is a landing page?

The trick for you as a business owner is to answer those questions relevant to your business, and before you know it you’re ranking number one in Google Search. Such is the power of SEO, your videos can get thousands of views, and drive traffic to your website and email list for FREE. 

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds every single day. There is absolutely no reason why your business can’t be taking advantage of this too.

Why you don’t need to make perfect videos – just be YOU

Your videos don’t need to be perfect. In the beginning, start with a natural light source and just use your smartphone. 

It does take time and consistency (and grit to keep going when it seems nothing is happening and no-one is watching), but if you stick with it you can get thousands of views for your videos. 

As you scale your business, you may want to hire a film crew, and this can make your videos appear so much more professional. But also focus on your presentation. Very often videos can appear stiff and awkward if you’re working with a film crew. 

In real life people make a judgement about you in the first seven seconds of meeting. On video it’s the first three seconds, so first impressions count. 

If you were pitching for a major contract, or having a discovery call with a client, you’d prepare and know what to say. Being on video enables you to sell YOU. Prepare and practice so that you come across as polished and credible.

Try to relax, and breathe. Smile and look at the camera. Learn to love the lens. Be authentic, be friendly and be the person that shows up in real life. And most of all be YOU!

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