Interview with Kate Weare, co-founder of WebBabyShower

Find out why Kate Weare, co-founded WebBabyShower to help expectant mothers keep a vital circle of support connected and up-to-date when family and friends are spread far apart.

What’s your career background?

I was active in the performing arts before we started WebBabyShower, and I toured a great deal both nationally and internationally.

My touring life began to feel less and less sustainable once my husband and I had our baby. I was grateful to be a mom and I wanted something stable that I could balance better with raising our daughter.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

Having traveled the world for work, I understand what it means to have family spread across the country, or even the globe, during your pregnancy.

My husband was in Abu Dhabi when I told him the good news. But, poor darling, he was in such a different time zone that he was almost the very last to know after my parents, my best friend, and his mom!

At WebBabyShower, we are always thinking of ways to solve this very common issue. How do expecting mothers keep a vital circle of support connected and up-to-date when family and friends are spread so far apart?

What’s your USP?

We believe every mother deserves a party! Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are a lot to handle. WebBabyShower helps expecting mothers bring together family and friends – no matter where they are in the world – to celebrate a special pregnancy and birth journey.

We’ve helped families of all kinds come together to support thousands of new moms! This is one very powerful and gratifying aspect of online life; it can connect us in our most important moments.

Who’s your target audience?

Our target audience are the folks hosting baby showers, often a parent, grandparent or a friend, and nowadays so many moms are hosting their own showers too! It’s a mix, but our audience is mainly women, for sure.

How do you spread the word about what you do?

We’ve found content marketing to really be our strongest suit. It’s a slow process and can take years to develop as a channel, but the rewards have been great. Our traffic is now 400% of what it was only a few years ago. We now have a very rare kind of company, a SaaS product with a primary channel of organic traffic.

What are your three top pieces of advice for someone wanting to do something similar?

For content marketing, I would look to the best B2B agencies for ideas, like Animalz. Even though our market is B2C, we find B2B content agencies actually put some great market leading ideas on their blogs for free! This keeps us at the forefront of our content game, while still managing our own team.

Buying a business is a great way to skip the early business failure statistics, but do be careful around the soft costs, like your time. It’s easy to get excited about the financial upside, and not consider how much time it will take to realize all those great ideas. We originally thought our company would be more of a side hustle, but it’s grown well beyond that. We are very grateful! But do consider your time.

Running a business with my husband has some great benefits: we bounce our ideas off each other, we have great power lunches together, and we are there to remind each other to unplug. We go through the natural ups and downs together, of course, but our partnership has been a huge factor in keeping our business steadily thriving.

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