How to write the perfect cold job application email

Did you know that you could apply for and get a job that doesn’t even exist yet? That might sound unlikely but it’s possible.

A cold, speculative email to a company that isn’t advertising for a job can sometimes pay off with the hiring manager so impressed that they create a position specifically for you. But it needs to be a truly great email.

Luckily, has created a guide with everything you need to know about writing that email. One of the most important things to remember is that it needs to be all killer, no filler, so if you’re including it in your email, it has to be significant. 

This approach begins with the subject line, which needs to be no more than 10 words long but also captures their attention with an impressive fact about your career. If that has worked and they’ve opened the mail, you then need to briefly introduce yourself, focusing again on the facts.

With everything you write, try to fit in with the company’s language and values to show that you’ve done your research and will fit with them. 

Keep it brief and to the point, before moving onto why you’re getting in touch and – most importantly of all – what you can bring to them. You could do this by suggesting a way they could improve their service, demonstrating what they could be getting if they hired you. 

Why not try out these tips, find the right person at the company you really want to work for and see if you can write your way into your dream job?

Photo by Windows