How to travel stylishly and comfortably if you’re a plus-size woman

Sometimes when you travel, you have to choose between comfort and style. For example, do you dress down in a tracksuit and go makeup free on a long haul flight? Or swan up in a strappy dress and lipstick?

But the choice between the two options doesn’t always have to be as stark. There are ways that you can travel in comfort and look good.

To give you some ideas, here’s how to travel stylishly and comfortably if you’re a plus-size woman.

Keep your hairstyle simple

Don’t spend hours on an intricate hairstyle when travelling long haul. Instead, open for a simple hairstyle that suits your wardrobe, such as an easy ponytail, top knot bun or beach waves.

If you hair is shorter, or you need to trim up areas before you travel, find the best razors for sensitive skin or your specific skin type.

Wear a long shirt or shirt dress

A long-sleeved shirt that can be worn alone always comes in handy for plus-size women when travelling, as it allows you to remain stylish while packing fewer clothes.

Shirts can be worn with leggings or a tight dress. Snd go for neutral white if you’re on a business trip, or bright colours or patterns if traveling for leisure.

Pick black pants

Black pants serve many purposes when travelling. Not only are they slimming, but they can be worn with many different tops, and can be dressed up and down. They’re less likely to show up any stains, so require less washing too.

Pack unlined jackets

Unlined jackets are a handy addition to your travel wardrobe as they don’t take much space and can be paired with pencil skirts or pants, and can be dressed up or down.

Choose your accessories carefully

When traveling out of a case or bag, you’ll have fewer clothing options to choose from. So it’s important to pick your accessories carefully. Accessories like jewellery and scarves don’t take much space, and can change the look or feel of an outfit.

Wear comfortable underwear

When it comes to your underwear, comfort definitely wins over style when travelling – unless your trip features romance! Sports bras or bras made from a soft t-shirt material will be more comfortable than structured, lacy bras. And go for cotton or silk knickers.

Find the right shoes

The right shoes for your trip will depend on your destination and purpose. Heading for a meeting in a city? Court shoes or similar will probably be most apt. Or white trainers for casual wear. Planning some hiking in the country? Then you’ll need sturdy walking shoes you’re confident won’t rub.

Make sure you carry more than one pair in case your shoes rub, break or anything else happens to them.

Go for short dresses and skirts rather than shorts

As a general rule, short dresses and skirts tend to be more flattering than shorts on plus-size women. A-line dresses or skirts, or a wrap-front dress paired with simple sandals for summer will often work well, and give you a look that will take you from the beach to boutiques and restaurants if you need.

How to dress for a long haul flight

If your journey involves a long haul flight, then it pays to consider carefully what you choose for your travel wardrobe.

If you hope to perhaps get an upgrade, then wear a smart jacket. A classic, long jacket will give of the appropriate sophisticated air, while hiding your more comfortable clothes underneath.

It can get chilly on long flights, so wear a long, cosy jumper pr cardigan that you’ll feel comfortable snuggling into. A scarf or pashmina will also help you feel warmer and more relaxed.

Under your jumper or cardigan, wear a t-shirt or comfortable top. If you feel the chill easily you may want to layer it with a vest. This way you can quickly strip down when you reach your destination, if it’s warm.

Stretchy trousers, like harem trousers, joggers, leggings or palazzo pants will give you coverage from the cold, and be comfortable.

And don’t forget a pair of warm socks. Even if you don’t wear them to board or travel, pack them in your hand luggage anyway. You’ll be thankful of them when you’re in the air. (If you’re at risk of or worried about deep vein thrombosis, then pack compression socks.)

Plan your wardrobe carefully

It doesn’t matter where you’re travelling; throwing clothes into a suitcase or bag at the last minute is a terrible idea. You’re likely to overpack, but end up with few items that can be worn together. And quite possibly find you don’t have an outfit suitable for every occasion – requiring more shopping while you’re away.

So spend some time planning your travel wardrobe before you leave. Check your schedule and make a list of all the activities and events you’ll need to dress for. Check the weather at your destination and ensure you have the right clothes for it.

And plan outfits carefully, with a capsule wardrobe you can mix and match to create several different outfits with minimum pieces. Remember, you can always dress them up and down with different shoes or accessories.

And finally, start planning your wardrobe with enough time to get any items washed or dry cleaned, so they’re ready in time for your trip.