How to shop for clothing online that actually fits

Buying clothes online can be tricky if you don’t know your size. And this can make it hard to buy clothes from online stores, which means you miss out.

At times, some items are exclusively online, which means you can’t buy them from a store. Other times, your local outlet doesn’t have a particulate style or your size and you may be directed to order online instead.

There are also many benefits to shopping for clothes online. You can take your time looking up the material of the clothing item and other details. And you can often view the item on models and read reviews from customer who have bought it. On some online stores, customers can even rate whether an item is true to size or comes up large or small.

There are some downsides to online clothes shopping. You need to pay shipping, and then wait for them to arrive, And if they don’t fit once they do, you have the inconvenience of returning them.

This is why it’s important to know how to shop online for clothes that will actually fit you. So you can can make the process less stressful and more rewarding when you finally get your package in the mail.

Know your measurements 

Knowing your measurements is the most important information to have in order to buy clothes that are more likely to fit online effectively. There are several helpful tips to figure this out, including:

1: Find the right sizing chart

The most important thing when it comes to shopping for clothes online is knowing your physical measurements. The first thing you need to know about clothing size measurements is that there are no universal size standards globally. 

Always try to find a sizing chart for the specific clothing brand. Make sure to perform measurement conversions if needed to ensure they’re the accurate size. The most common size charts are Asian, American, African, and European. As the general height and physiology of people in different regions vary, so do the size measurements. 

Just pay heed to the smallest size of whatever sizing chart you’re using and double-check the measurements. Some of the size charts of certain regions have a larger minimum size than other regions, such as Asia.

2) Check the clothing you already have

Another important thing you should do is to check your wardrobe and base your online purchase on the sizes you already know will fit. This is a safe bet if the sizing of the clothes online is based on the region you’re living in; if not, then you should consider comparing the sizes to get the proper conversion. 

Doing this has the advantage of making the most accurate estimates when buying clothes online. Just make sure you’re not basing off the size of old clothes, especially pants and jeans. If you’re planning to buy blazers and dinner jackets, make sure you order one from stores that offer to send multiple sizes to customers for trying on. 

3) Pay attention to reviews

Reviews can matter a lot when it comes to determining which clothing items should and shouldn’t end up in your online shopping cart. Just because you’re buying something from a popular brand or online store doesn’t mean you can’t end up with a lousy product.

So make it a habit to check the details of the product reviews to see why a product received good or bad reviews. And watch out for mentions about fit, and whether it comes up large or small.

4) Choose more than one style

If you like wearing t-shirts and shorts, then you should choose more than one style of those items to see which kinds of items you would like to order in the future. Doing this is beneficial if you have to spend a lot of time outdoors.

5) Try on from home 

Even if you follow all those tips, nothing beats a good old-fashioned try-on from home. Many services allow you to try on clothing and accessories and return them if they don’t work. There are other items, such as glasses, bags, jewelry, etc., that are nice to try on beforehand, but not as necessary. Fortunately, you can virtually try-on glasses at home to figure out the best style.

Shop smart and buy clothes you love

Choosing the right clothes online doesn’t require too much effort, so doing it right is easy as long as you know how. Just make sure to check for try-on services to reduce the chances of mistakes as much as possible. Always read quality reviews and enjoy your new items when they arrive.