How to secure your garage with the help of IoT

The garage is often a target for intruders because most homeowners don’t think much about its security. As long as it has a gate that closes, everything is fine. 

However, when you think about the things it stores – from your car(s) to your gym equipment and various objects you don’t use often – it makes sense to want to make it safer. Plus, if you plan on repurposing your garage into an office, security should be your main priority. 

Luckily, today’s technology makes it easy to improve any space by making it easier to use and more secure. Moving forward, we’ll show you a few amazing solutions that can be controlled via IoT. 

A smart gate operator

If you have an automatic garage door, I’m sure you’ve also encountered some functionality issues. There are times when the entire system jams or, when things do work out, you’re out of remote batteries. Plus, these doors are noisy and quite clunky in movement. 

That’s why a solution like the LiftMaster gate operator makes a lot more sense when looking for something smoother and more secure.

These systems are versatile and can be used by home users and commercial ones. Also, you can forget about remote controls and batteries since advanced gate openers can be controlled with your phone from anywhere. 

Even better, you can monitor the access remotely. This way, you can easily close your garage gate if you left it open when you left home and only remembered about it at the grocery store.

Cameras and sensors

Whether you’re looking to start a business from home or just want to make sure your precious car is safe, you will need a system of cameras and sensors to monitor the situation.

This becomes even more important if you’re often out and about but want to check in with the situation at home from time to time.

Plus, if you want full remote control and access, there are lots of smart systems that can keep you in the loop with what’s happening at home.

You can access your garage cameras to see inside, and if one of the sensors gets triggered, you’ll be notified immediately via an app installed on your phone. 

Smoke detectors and irrigation controllers

The security of your home also involves safety measures such as smoke detectors and irrigation controllers (among others). These can be integrated with your home’s main IoT system in order to send out notifications depending on the gravity of the situation (in a negative scenario). 

Plus, since you can control various systems remotely, you may be able to act before anything too bad happens. Overall, having a smart integrated system that gives you remote access to your home (including the garage) is the best option for everyone’s safety.

Make your garage smart

Smart homes are not a novelty anymore, but it takes a lot of planning and a bit of investment to turn everything to the side of technology. Plus, you don’t even know if you’ll enjoy being surrounded by a virtual assistant all day. 

So if you want to give it a try and plan the garage remodel, why not go full IoT and turn your garage smart? Besides the elements we discussed up until now, you can also integrate temperature control, lighting fixtures, and add a few smart appliances. 

Once everything is integrated, you’ll be able to control everything with the power of your phone – wouldn’t that be cool?

Keep your garage secure

The market of IoT security and smart home solutions is on an ascending trend, with more investors and customers coming each day. And while the costs may still be a bit high for regular homeowners, the future is all about turning your home and dependencies as smart as possible. 

Photo by Erik Mclean