How to put together a glamorous look in 2021 for under $70

Who doesn’t want a wardrobe that looks fabulous on them? One full of carefully chosen pieces that suit you and fit every occasion?

However, in order to acquire a wardrobe like this, you first need to shop for it. And that means identifying what looks and outfits you need, and finding the perfect stores and items. 

Today we’re used to buying fashion online. And often, if you look carefully you can find vouchers and discounts to save money on your shopping spree. For example, you can use Tillys coupons to get 70% off on women’s wear.

To help you plan and shop for a wardrobe you love in 2021, and assemble a glamorous look for less than $70 we’ve put together some fashion shopping tips for you. 

Oversized blazers

Whatever the current trends, it’s unusual NOT to see the go-to fashion staple of a blazer on the runway. And in today’s era of breaking gender norms, we’re favouring oversized blazers. 

Stylish and comfortable, you can buy oversized blazers in pastel shades or with sequins if you want something more glamorous. Silk blazers paired with chunky accessories also provide an upmarket touch. 

A blazer can be both casual and professional, and is the perfect office-to-evening look. Just change your top, add some heels and jewellery and you are good to go!

Little black dress

Talking of wardrobe staples, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. It’s a classic that can see you through many different occasions – from work function to cocktail party.

As with a blazer, you can play around with your jewellery and accessories to dress your outfit up or down. A plain black dress is easily available at stores like Macy’s, Kohls and more. You can also pick up the perfect little black dress for any budget. 


Jumpsuits have definitely been having a moment over the past few years. You can never go wrong with a well-fitted jumpsuit. If you are looking for something light and breezy, a pastel shade is perfect. 

If you want a more glamorous look, you can buy metallic shades or silk jumpsuits. Pair your jumpsuit with some statement necklaces and a handbag to finish off the look. Always make sure you wear a well-fitting bra with your jumpsuit (as you should with any outfit). You can get a variety of good ones in various sizes at Victoria’s Secret.

Camel tones

Camel tones seem to be one of the most popular colours of the season and they can look both elegant and glamorous. You can add camel to your look with a trench coats, slingbacks and even boots

Go for sequins or metallic shades to add that bit of extra glamour to your overall look. You can browse through Macy’s, Old Navy’s and similar clothing stores to find the perfect item.

Silk scarves

Want a glamorous but quirky touch to your outfit? Add a scarf! Scarves are one of the biggest trending items at the moment. You can use them as headbands, as traditional scarves (you can find many different ways to tie them up) and even as belts for your jeans. 

Scarves are available in many patterns, fabrics and colors. For a more glamorous look, you can choose bolder colors and patterns.

Chunky thigh-high boots

The great thing about boots is that they’re often a good fashion investment. Yes they may require an initial outlay, but they should last you for several years.

And if you’re looking for a more glamorous, statement boot, you might want to check out chunky thigh-high boots. They are perfect for skirts and dresses, as well as shorts. White chunky boots have recently become more popular. 

Floral tops

Summer is the perfect season for a floral top. They look pretty, cute and also glamorous. They have a timeless, vintage look to them that can give your outfit a sense of classic glamour. 

You can pair them up with jeans, shorts or even skirts. Wide-legged pants, especially white ones, pair very well with floral tops.

What’s your favourite look for 2021?

The best and most timeless style is a look you love, that suits you and makes you feel confident. Many different individual pieces can be dressed up and down with careful accessorizing, which means you can wear them for multiple occasions – to work, to brunch with friends and out to dinner in the evening. 

So when shopping for your 2021 wardrobe, go for a mix of pieces and colours that are on-trend, and timeless items that you’ll wear and love for years to come.