How to nail every job interview successfully

Got a job interview coming up? Read quick tips to help you nail it successfully.

It is perfectly natural to have some anxiety leading up to the interview and you will find that you can reduce this and increase your chances with thorough preparation. Here are a few key tips to nail any job interview.

Plan your route in advance

First, you need to plan your route in advance and maybe even do a practice run if possible a few days before. This will ensure that you do not arrive late and can take the stress out of the journey on the day.

You should check the train times in advance, such as trains going from Southampton to Portsmouth, if you’re interviewing in this area.

Work on how you present yourself

First impressions count for a huge amount in the business world, so you will want to work on how you present yourself. Make sure that you have a smart outfit for the interview and make sure that there are no small issues, like a creased shirt or a stained dress.

You might also want to consider a haircut, especially if this gives you a confidence boost. Other important steps for this aspect include having confident, open body language and giving a firm handshake with a smile when you meet people on the day.

Prepare for all types of questions

You do not want to have a question knock you for six at an interview, so you need to prepare for all types of questions. Think about the role that you are applying for and specific questions related to this along with many of the more generic ones that you hear.

Key questions that you need to be prepared for include:

  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • What’s the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why should we hire you over the competition?

Additionally, think about questions that you could ask at the end – remember, you need to make sure that the company is a good fit for you also.

Reflect on your work experience

You will need to discuss your previous work experience at the interview, so you need to reflect on your career to date and be able to back up your answers with examples from your experience. 

Research the company

Researching the company beforehand will not only help you to work out if it is a good fit, but it will also demonstrate that you go the extra mile and that you are looking at the big picture as opposed to just your role. 

Follow this advice and you should be well-prepared for any interview while also reducing anxiety. Interviews are always tough experiences but with preparation, planning and effort you should be able to excel and make a good impression.

Photo by Eduardo Dutra