How to make your dream car happen

Most of us have a dream car in mind – the car that is money was no object we would purchase in a heartbeat.

While there are the big dream cars that are usually half a million and more, there are more affordable dream cars. Set the goal of both! 

When you are looking for your dream car, you will need to factor in taxes, insurance, running costs, and repairs should you need them. For most people, getting a new car on finance after using a car finance calculator is great. 

New cars usually have a few years of breathing space on yearly checks and warranties and other goodies that make them a smart choice. 

In the meantime, let the savings commence for the purchase of your dream car. 


While ideally you will want a car that you can get in immediately and drive, sometimes it is cheaper to find an older model – and get it fixed up. 

As well as that, you can find that some cars, while they are cheap to purchase, the running costs are excessive, the parts are hard to find, and your dream car suddenly becomes a burden. 

 Check into how much the car will cost to insure, and consider how often you will use it. Visit Ford dealerships in Maryland to experience your dream car in person.

Financial checkpoints

Saying you need to save $100,000 is great, but you need to make it more accessible and break it down into something that is easier to see progress. Set the first goal of $100 and a second of $500 and make other smaller goals. 

Saving $5 against a goal of $100 seems more manageable and like an achievement than saving $5 against $100,000 – even though they are the same. 

You can also split the pot and save half towards the car itself and half towards the upkeep and any repairs you might need to do. 

Spend less

It seems like something that is so easy to achieve, but many of us will give ourselves a pass to buy takeout, new clothes, and other stuff that we don’t need but do want. Instead, start looking at everything in a dollar amount. 

Picture yourself putting the cash towards the car instead of getting that new shirt you don’t really need. 

It might feel like you are depriving yourself in the short term, but this action will help you to get the car of your dreams much faster. 

Enter car competitions 

As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it, and in a strange set of circumstances – fewer people enter to win bigger prizes. Smaller prizes seem to be more achievable to win, and that means that more people enter. 

So start entering all of the car competitions that you are eligible to win – because you never know what you might get. 

You might not get your dream car from this method – but you’ll like to get a stunning new model or be offered cash (at a lesser value). 

If you believe that the universe has got your back, then start picturing yourself driving the car, and plan what you will put it in, too: Five essentials to always keep in your vehicle

Photo by Wendell Fernandes