How to find a certified life coach in London

It can be tough to find a life coach who meets your expectations and needs. Here are some of the things you should look out for.

While there are many different types of life coaches – and different personalities and approaches – it’s important that whatever life coach you choose is certified.

Most good life coaches are also strategic thinkers, accountable, good listeners, goal-oriented, and have many other qualities that can help you to succeed.

To ensure you find the best life coach for you, here are some guidelines to help you to make an informed decision. 

Choose a life coach with proper training

The life coaching field is fairly new compared to other professions, such as the medical industry. So it’s important to choose a life coach who is properly trained. This will help you avoid dealing with someone who has no experience or lacks the skills to help you succeed.

So what qualifications should you look for? There are different types of life coaching training schools around offering various types of training and certification. 

When looking for a life coach, find one who has completed a certification program that takes at least a year – and avoid someone who has only completed an introductory weekend training, even if they’re cheaper.

A poorly qualified life coach won’t repay your investment of money and time so always find someone who is properly certified.

Looking for a local life coach

Choosing a local life coach (popularly known as a life trainer) can have many benefits on your journey to success. Primarily because you can meet them in person, making it easier to establish trust and a build a better working relationship. 

If you choose a local life coach, make sure that they have the proper training and experience in your area of need. If you can’t find the right person locally, then look further afield rather than settling for second-best, as the latest technologies, such as Skype, make it easier to communicate long distance. 

While the ideal may be to find someone within walking distance, it’s quite possible to have a successful life coaching experience with someone you never meet – they can even live in a different country to you. Life coaching is all about the conversation, and you don’t need to sit face to face for a life coach to do their job. 

Indeed, the majority of today’s life coaching sessions take place remotely, either over the phone or the internet. This gives both you and your life coach more flexibility over when sessions can happen.

Meeting with your life coach

The first time you meet your life coach – whether it’s in person if they’re local, or by phone or online meeting if they’re further away – you’ll need to establish a few things.

You’ll both want to ensure you get on, and can comfortably work together. You’ll also want to check out their services and (if you haven’t already) their qualifications and experience. You might also want to ask if they have any previous clients who can testify on their experiences. And of course you’ll need to agree a mutually convenient time and means for your future sessions.

Your potential life coach will explain to you how they deliver their services, what they do, and the training methods they use in their work. They will also allow you to ask any questions if you need some clarification on their services.

This meeting is your opportunity to get a feel if this life coach is right for you – if they have the right background, you like their approach and feel comfortable with them.

Photo by Toa Heftiba