How to craft the perfect garden for long summer evenings

With the warm summer months mere moments away, it’s time to prepare your garden so that you can make the most of it throughout the long warm evenings.

Settling down to relax in your garden after a long day of work can be a huge relief, and important for your mental health, but it’s vital that you can follow a few specific steps to ensure you can transform your backyard in the most effective way.

Fortunately this guide contains some of the best ideas that you can implement to create the perfect garden for those calm summer evenings, so what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more about how you can get started today.

Set up specific sections 

One of the best ways to begin your upgraded garden design is to set up a few specific sections that you can utilize for a variety of different activities and tasks. Leaving your backyard as one open space can make it seem empty and nonfunctional, as you need to dedicate different areas so that you can really make the most of your space.

Think about what you expect to get up to in your garden during those long summer evenings, whether this might be cooking up something delicious on a barbecue grill, enjoying a drink with your family, planting vegetables or anything for that matter.

It’s totally up to you which kind of sections you would like to create, but just ensure you manage to use as much of your garden as possible so that you and your family or friends can really make the most of your backyard during the warm summer evenings that you’ve all been waiting for.

Invest in the best furnishings 

Filling your summer garden with furnishings from Lowes should be your next port of call, as you need to ensure the space is as welcoming and comfortable as possible to encourage you and your guests to stay seated for hours on end.

If you make the mistake of purchasing cheap outdoor furniture that is both unsightly and uncomfortable, then there’s a good chance your family and friends will be quick to exit your garden before the sun has gone down. Instead, if you choose to invest in a range of the best furnishings that are weatherproof, comfy and stylish, then you won’t believe how much of a difference that this can really make!.

You will need a variety of different furnishings based on your unique garden set up as described above, so consider your own personal expectations before you start searching. Some of the most important furnishings that you can expect to require in your garden during those long summer evenings is an outdoor sofa, lounger or cushioned chair of some kind, as well as a table that is large enough to host several plates (and drinks too).

Further additions can be decided on to suit your specific wants and needs, but you must ensure that you can take the time to source the best quality pieces if you’re going to stand any chance of enjoying your garden long term. 

Growing mushrooms at home

In the leisurely ambiance of summer evenings, growing mushrooms could add an intriguing dimension to your garden experience. Not only serving as an engaging hobby, growing mushrooms at home can also supply you with fresh ingredients for your summer meals.

A shaded garden corner or a small greenhouse would provide the dark, moist environment mushrooms need. Mastering these techniques could make mushroom cultivation a cherished part of your summer backyard tradition.

Light it up 

Although it’s common for the warm summer evenings to last for hours and hours on end, the sun is still going to fall behind the skyline at some point leaving you and your guests in total darkness. Of course this would not be enjoyable in the slightest, as failing to see your hand held in front of your face amongst the pitch black can be really frightening no matter where you are!

However, there are many different innovative ideas that you can pursue to light up your summer garden like never before, starting off with solar powered lights like GlowGrounds. Solar powered lights do not require any batteries or a mains connection, as they work using nothing but stored up sunshine to switch on during the evening.

You can use fairy lights to guide your guests, or even add lanterns to create a fun aesthetic. Just make sure the lights you use aren’t too intense – you don’t want to be troubled with all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies while you and your nearest and dearest are supposed to be relaxing.

Crafting the perfect garden for long summer evenings has never been such a simple task when you can take the opportunity to utilize some of the brilliant ideas carefully described above. So, get out there are design your dream summer backyard today to enjoy the warm evenings to the fullest.

Photo by Robin Wersich