How to cope with pre-med when you have kids

Medical school and the undergraduate degree that you have to complete before even getting accepted into medical school is difficult for everyone.

For some people, the only thing they need to think about is their studies, but for others, they have families to look after at the same time. If you are a pre-med student who has a family and are struggling to cope, we have put together some tips on how you can handle these difficult times. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

How to cope with childcare

One of the most important things that you will need to consider is childcare. Who is going to look after your kids while you are at college? If you have a partner who is not working full time, then you might be able to get help there but you might end up needing to pay for childcare.

The good news is that some colleges help parents out in any way they can, they even offer day care services for those who really need it. Make sure to find out what sort of help you can get from your college.

How to cope with the MCAT

Everyone who is applying for medical school knows how daunting the MCAT can be. Many students who are also parents find that they struggle to find the time to study for this as well as work on their other projects and look after their kids.

If you are struggling with your MCAT revision, you should check out some of the great study guides that can help you. They’ll tell you everything that you need to cover, and they’ll make a huge difference. Make sure to have a look at the best MCAT prep books and get your child what they need in order to ace their exams.

How to cope with the cost

Both pre-med and medical school are expensive, so the cost of this whole experience is something which you are going to need to consider carefully. If you are struggling with making the payments, you should take a look at the financial aid that might be available to you.

If you are lucky, you’ll be at a college that has some extra aid for parents in order to help them with their studies. Take advantage of this aid as it could make a huge difference to how you survive this time in your life and how you will get your dream career.

Spending time with your kids

Finally, one of the most important things that you’ll need to cope with as a pre-med student is finding time to spend with your kids. They are very important, and you should try to make sure that you have at least a few hours a week where you only spend time with them and don’t think about medical school. At the end of the day, you are building a future for them, but you can’t ignore them in the meantime.

Makes sure that you get all of the help that you need when it comes to copying with pre-med whilst being a parent.

Photo by Sebas Ribas