How to beat the isolation of working alone

Do you wish you felt more supported on your business journey? Find out some simple strategies that can help you to beat the isolation of working alone. 

Working for yourself can be painfully lonely at times. You question your decisions, doubt your effectiveness and wonder if you’ll actually make it.

When you’re used to working in a team or in an office environment, working alone at home can be an incredibly difficult transition.

Before having kids I worked in TV production and I was in my element. When I had my first son I was ready for a change and I wanted to create a new work/life balance for myself, but it was a huge adjustment to go from being in a vibrant, creative industry to becoming a solopreneur.

If it wasn’t for the incredible support network of like minded mums in business that I actively created for myself in the early years, I would have given up a long time ago.

That’s why I created The Cocoon online members club – to share this support network with you and demonstrate the power of feeling part of something much bigger.

Four things you can do to beat the isolation of working alone

If you’re struggling to adjust to working alone after being part of a team, here are four positive actions you can take.

1) Get out to networking events

It’s so important to incorporate a bit of networking into your month. Not only is meeting people a great way to spread the word about your business, it’s also incredibly good for the soul to connect with other humans! Networking doesn’t have to be daunting or boring.

There are loads of networking groups out there, so you might need to try a few before you find your tribe. Some may charge, but you should see this as a business expense. And if you don’t have a good networking group in your area? Why not start one!

2) Become a digital nomad

Working at home can get really lonely, so why not mix it up? I love working in coffee shops and have a few to choose from. I’m there so often I’ve got to know the staff — it’s lovely to walk into a friendly welcome! You could also try a co-working space for a day or two a week.

If you can work on a laptop, you can work from anywhere — try to make the most of that and leave the household chores behind for a while.

3) Connect online

When I started working for myself 9 years ago, Facebook wasn’t half as active as it is today — we didn’t have all these amazing entrepreneurial groups like we do today. Make sure you keep active in fantastic groups like the TLC Business Club and the free Making Mumpreneurs Club group, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re struggling or having a bad day. It can be so comforting just to know you’re not alone.

4) Join The Cocoon Tribe!

Networking events are great, but after a couple of hours you’re back working alone at the kitchen table. With The Cocoon online members club you can access our community and resources right from the comfort of your own home, at any time of day.

It’s invaluable to surround yourself with like-minded people who ‘get it’, who can share your wins and hold your hand when things get tough. You don’t need to wait until the next networking event to see them – you can just log on to our community and have a chat, even at 11pm at night!

If you’re on the journey of building a business while bringing up a family, you really are doing something amazing with your life, so don’t ever forget it. Being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster, but in The Cocoon we will be there to guide you when you feel stuck and high-five you when you celebrate your success.

We will be opening for enrolment for a limited period in January. Join the waiting list now so that you can actually enjoy being your own boss, feel less lonely, and create a work/life balance that works for you.