How to be a responsible traveller

Since the beginning of the global pandemic traveling overseas has been fairly complicated and in many cases unworkable.

Instead, people have opted for staycations and more ethical solutions to protect the welfare of their communities. It’s unlikely that this year will be quite as restricted, making holidays possible again soon hopefully. 

But how can we travel responsibly in the world post-pandemic? How can we learn lessons from previous generations and move towards the future with a sense of hope and optimism?

In this article Maria Parente, content author for the travel sector, gives us some tips for luggage storage solutions in London, as well as a range of ethical travel alternatives. Read on to find out more. 

Explore your home land 

Over the decades we’ve become fluent with the concept of comfortable travel, it has now become an expectation. When thinking about a holiday, it’s natural to think of sunshine overseas and a heavy carbon flight to get us there. Since the pandemic, however, things are changing. 

The pandemic has forced people to look closer to home for their holidays and what they’ve found is a richness of possibilities and a variety of options. The pendulum might swing the other way following the pandemic, but you can still be a responsible traveler by avoiding long haul flights and using the train when possible.  

Practice light packing 

Many travel blogs and marketing campaigns insist you need to pack certain items for travel abroad. These might include a portable hotspot, detergent, various facial products, a camera, a luggage scale, extra shoes. Of course they are practical suggestions, but do we really need them?

The reality is that packing items which may only be used once or not at all, contributes to extra weight to carry and for the flight. Reducing the weight of your travel luggage will actually reduce your carbon footprint and the cost of your left luggage London. Not to mention it’s lighter to carry. 

Buy locally sourced products 

The responsible way to travel in 2021 and beyond is to avoid the big corporations where possible and invest in the local economies of your destinations by eating at local restaurants and buying from local shops. This empowers the local traders and stimulates the economy in an ethical way

You can travel responsibly in several ways. First try to stay in family owned hotels or Airbnb like bedsits. This will provide you with an authentic experience of the culture and contribute to the local economy.

Also try to buy locally sourced food and use public transport. Always consider how you are contributing to the area you’re traveling to. 

Buy ethical souvenirs 

Everyone is different and you won’t be able to integrate every ethical measure into your next trip, but you can start small and build from there. Consider your values and what you think is most important for you now. It might be carbon offsetting, stimulating the economy, or buying fair trade. 

Photo by Marc Kleen