How Rimmel is a brand with traditions and a modern approach to makeup

The Rimmel brand is one of the most popular cosmetics brands in the world. It was founded in 1834 in London by a French perfumer, who then brought his son to this city.

It was Eugene Rimmel, who decided to take care of the management and further development of the brand. Their perfumery gained prestige and recognition, which they owed to their outstanding talent in creating new, fascinating fragrances. What else is worth knowing about this brand? What can you say about its wide, high-quality range of products? What cosmetics is it best known and appreciated for?

  • Rimmel make-up cosmetics
  • Why should you choose Rimmel cosmetics?
  • Rimmel – a brand that opposes testing cosmetics on animals

Rimmel make-up cosmetics

Few people associate the Rimmel brand with oral hygiene fluids or beautifully scented soaps, which gained enormous popularity among the former aristocracy and royal courts. Over time, this brand began to develop its range of products more and more, and started producing products that highlight the eyes. We are talking about mascaras, which are one of the most frequently associated with this brand.

It should also be said about eye shadows in a wide range of colours, nail polishes, make-up foundations, lipsticks, powders, concealers, perfumes, bronzers, illuminating cosmetics, lip gloss, as well as a series of waterproof cosmetics that cover all skin imperfections.

Nowadays, there is no problem in applying fully professional make-up using only Rimmel cosmetics and products. They are used by everyone, especially women around the world—including celebrities, stars, and top models who represent the brand.

Over 200 years of experience of the Rimmel brand, as well as constant development and passion for beauty, have made it one of the best brands on the market. At the same time, it should be added that cosmetics from this brand are available at affordable prices.

Why should you choose Rimmel cosmetics?

One of the most popular products from the Rimmel brand are make-up cosmetics. First of all, it should be said about mascaras, which gained unquestionable popularity. Their entire collection enables eyelash extensions and precise mascara without the effect of sticking eyelashes. You can achieve a fully satisfying effect in a few minutes thanks to well-shaped brushes.

Powders and foundations cover all imperfections, even out the skin tone, mattify it, bright it, and also provide a great base for further makeup. If necessary, you can also use a branded concealer that will help mask dark circles under the eyes, pimples, redness, or small broken blood vessels on the face.

The makeup will be complemented by lip gloss or lipstick. You can choose a nude colour or a beautiful, intense red—depending on your type of beauty, outfit, styling, mood and personal preferences. Thanks to innovative formulas, lipsticks and lip glosses are long-lasting, do not dry out the lips, and do not rub off after a few minutes after application.

The brand is constantly developing, introducing new products to the market and promoting its classics, which have helped Rimmel build its reputation and prestige.

Rimmel – a brand that is against testing cosmetics on animals

The Rimmel brand helps build authenticity, but also takes the production and testing of its cosmetics very seriously. It is approved in the prestigious Leaping Bunny Program and aims to ban animal testing of beauty products.

However, this brand goes even further than the standards set by this program and ensures that none of the ingredients used in the production of cosmetics are tested on animals. It checks its suppliers and undergoes independent quality audits, which increases its credibility to be “cruelty free”.