How much money will the Easy Business Club make you?

Love help to grow a profitable business or freelance career? Find out how the Easy Business Club will help – and how much money you can earn.

Last week we announced the opening of early bird places on our new course, the Easy Business Club.

The Easy Business Club is a structured, 12-month programme that combines online learning with mentorship and community to help you grow your business or freelance work. 

Starting on 25 September, it will completely transform how you think about and run your business, your confidence as an entrepreneur, and the results you achieve. 

When launching courses like the Easy Business Club there are always plenty of questions people might have. So we thought it might be helpful to put together some FAQs for you. 

Who are you?

I am Hannah Martin – the founder of Talented Ladies Club and the creator of the Easy Business Club. I’ve run my own successful, profitable businesses for more than 17 years, first as a freelance copywriter and then, in the last 10 years, building Talented Ladies Club.

Today I run Talented Ladies Club part time four days a week, and employ a team of freelancers. I also work as a digital marketing and SEO consultant for a global tech company.

When you join the Easy Business Club, you work through classes and workbooks that I have personally created, and get me as your mentor in the monthly group drop-in calls.

Who is the Easy Business Club for?

The Easy Business Club is for small business owners and freelancers. You will get significant benefit from it if you are early in your journey, and want to get off to the strongest possible start, or if you have been going for a while but either aren’t yet seeing the results you want, or are ready to scale your business further. 

I have worked with freelancers and business owners at each of these stages in the past on programmes like this, and they have enjoyed impressive results. 

What kind of results can you expect?

Speaking of results, what kind might you expect from a course like this? The first thing to acknowledge is that no one can promise you results when joining a course. And personally I would be wary about trusting anyone who does. 

I can tell you that the people who consistently see big results on our courses are those who just work through the exercises each week and turn up for the calls. It really is as simple as that! Little and often is the secret to success (and profit). 

If you want some examples of results other entrepreneurs have achieved working with me on courses like this, here are some:

  • Marketing consultant Kerry Coleman increased her sales by 240% in less than six months. 
  • Conservation course creator Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams earned over £10,600 in a month after changing her marketing strategy.
  • E-commerce store owner Amanda Overend tripled her profits in just over six weeks.
  • Personal stylist Sally Smy earned £900 from one email she sent as part of a sales exercise. 

My goal for you joining the course – and what all content and mentor calls are geared towards – is two-fold:

  1. To run a business that you love, and that grows your confidence
  2. To earn more money – ethically

What WON’T you learn?

It is really important to me that I personally run, and help others to grow, ethical businesses. I’ve never pursued a get rich quick business strategy and it’s not what I teach. 

Instead, I will help you build a business that better serves your customers or clients, and that has the potential to grow steadily over the years, earning you the income you want. 

I teach good business practices – the practices that have enabled me to run profitable businesses for over 17 years, first as a freelance copywriter and then Talented Ladies Club. So here’s what you WON’T learn with me:

  • Scammy marketing practices that make you uncomfortable
  • How to squeeze as much money out of people as possible – for minimum value
  • How to work to the bone for an impressive turnover – but make little actual profit 
  • Strategies that require a big budget to implement 

I have grown Talented Ladies Club steadily over the past 10 years, and we have outlasted most of the businesses that launched at the same time as us. I want to help you do the same. 

How much time and money will the course require?

I’ve built this course for people who have limited time and money – but big ambitions. For people who want the freedom and satisfaction of working for themselves and need help to make the right decisions and earn what they need. 

Here’s how the course works:

  • Each month a new module unlocks with exercises, classes and workbooks
  • You simply complete the tasks we suggest each week
  • We estimate they should take a maximum of two hours a week
  • The final week of each module we have drop-in mentor calls

So for just two hours a week you should be able to see significant changes to your business. And to make this as accessible as possible at a tough financial time, you can join for as little as £39 a month on the early bird offer, and £49 a month at full price. 

You can also save more by paying upfront (£390 for early bird and £490 full price).

What does the course cover?

The Easy Business Club is designed to cover all the important foundations of a business that is enjoyable to run, lasts the distance and makes money. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll do each month:

How much support do you get?

In the fourth week of each module we hold drop-in group mentor calls in which you can ask questions, and get feedback and support from me. These calls are where a lot of the magic happens, from experience. 

I get to know you and your business and can offer insights and advice, and encourage and support you as you make changes. 

Many of the results I shared earlier came from calls with me – including the change of marketing strategy I recommended to Kayleigh. 

As well as the monthly calls, you can also reach me at any time with questions via the learning platform if you get stuck on a lesson or workbook. 

What if I am not happy? 

We want to make sure you are happy with your decision to join. So if, in the first 14 days of the course starting, you decide it’s not for you, just let us know and we will refund you in full. 

What if I fall behind?

We’ve paced the course to make it as easy to follow as possible – you literally just work through the checklist we give you. Here’s a preview of the first four modules:

But we get that life sometimes has other plans. And then there are things like school holidays to contend with. 

So we’re running the 12 month course over 13 months. The programme starts on 25 September this year, and ends on 5 October next year. We take a week off over Christmas and six weeks off over the summer. 

This means you can complete the course at a pace that works for you, and catch up if you need. 

You can also ask questions related to any module in our mentor calls, so even if you are a few weeks behind you will still get support. 

What do you get if you join with the early bird offer?

If you join before 10 August, you can enjoy a number of early bird benefits:

  • You pay just £39 a month (or £390 a year), saving you as much as £198.
  • You get two early bird bonuses – our Mindset Rewire and Business Ideas Health Check
  • You can enjoy your summer knowing you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in September

Secure your place now for just £39!

So if you’d like to earn more money, feel more confident and enjoy building a long-lasting business or freelance career, with me as your mentor, come and join me inside the Easy Business Club and secure your early bird place.