How magnetic glass boards can brighten up your office

Magnetic glass boards are the new version of whiteboards, offering the same features as simple glass boards, while also serving a decorative function.

Magnetic glass boards are rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Like the whiteboard, you can write on magnetic glass boards with board markers and chalk markers. So you an use them to present ideas and leave notes for your co-workers.

Magnetic glass boards and glass dry erase boards can also brighten up your offices and meeting rooms, giving them a contemporary feel. Here are some of the ways you can use magnetic glass boards.

Share ideas

Magnetic glass boards make it easy to share ideas with other members of your team, whether you want to use it to present your concepts, or as a collective space for people to add thoughts over time.

Space dividers

Magnetic glass boards make great space dividers. The thin plates of the glass make it easy let in natural light. They can also be sized to fit the exact dimensions of your office or meeting room.

Communal notice board

Want to share new and updates with your team? Or facilitate inter-office communication? Place a glass magnetic board near a coffee machine or water cooler and it can act at the office notice board.

Boost creativity

The free flow use of magnetic glass boards encourage creativity. Not only do they look creative, but your team can use them to add or read ideas and share their thoughts with their colleagues.

Stress relief

Need to express a feeling or get something out of your system? Just pick up a whiteboard marker and vent it on the magnetic glass board. Or let out your silly side by writing or draw silly things, or write captions next to photos. The glass surface of these boards allows you to remove it easily with a paper cloth or a whiteboard duster. 

Motivate your team

It’s become a trend to display motivational quotes and images on magnetic glass boards. The boards come in tempered glass, colorful glass or shiny magnetic glass board so you can also pick a style that will create a cheerful, motivational atmosphere.