How a formal business education can benefit female entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting your own business, or pursuing a career in the business world? Find out how a formal business education can help you.

There was a time when it felt like female entrepreneurs were harder to find than unicorns. Today though, we’re delighted to discover that we make up a third of all UK entrepreneurs.  

And with a growing number of women entering the business world, organisations that offer formal business education like Hult International Business School are creating communities for students to get to know one another. 

These can be essential if you are studying as a female entrepreneur; not only do you get the opportunity to meet people on a similar wavelength to you, but you also get the chance to discuss ideas and learn from one another. 

You never know how these communities will help you in future. Having connections already will put you in good stead when the time comes to graduate – your next best friend could one day end up being your boss.

Learn valuable business theory you can put into practice

Of course, as lovely as a community is, it’s not the main benefit of getting a formal business education – you’ll learn the business principles that, when put into practice will help you make a success of your enterprise.

You’ll feel more confident and equipped to deal with whatever challenges running a business throws at you, and will have a formal qualification to help you gain employment, or impress and reassure potential investors if you decide to seek finance.

You’ll also learn from the experience and wisdom of your course tutors, and meet potential mentors who can provide knowledge and contacts if you need them.

Study flexibility around your commitments

And don’t assume that just because you’re a mother, or may otherwise be unable to study full time (perhaps because you are currently employed), you can’t access business courses.

Many courses also offer part time options. Indeed, the latest figures show that there are 1.84 million students studying part time in the UK. 

There’s also nothing to stop you starting your own business while studying. You can take what you learn in the classroom and through your coursework, and apply it to your own business. Or in a job if you’re working for someone else.

You’ll earn more respect

As we’ve already touched on. whether you decide to become your own boss or work for one, you’ll earn greater respect out with accreditation from a respected business course.

Linking your name to a respected institution will automatically gain you credibility, and give your colleagues and employees more trust in you and your business knowledge.

Whichever way you look at it, a formal business education from a leading institution can be incredibly beneficial in helping you achieve the business success you’re working for.

Photo by Green Chameleon