A guide to picking a luxurious-looking gift that’s within your budget

Want to buy a special gift for someone, but can’t afford to splash out? Here’s a guide to picking a luxurious-looking gift that’s actually within your budget.

Think that buying someone a luxurious gift will require stretching your budget to breaking point? With some creativity and resourcefulness, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many gift options that look classy while being eminently affordable.

Here are just a few gifts that will put a smile on the face of the recipient while keeping your bank balance in the black.

Hampers help make your money go further

Rather than splashing out on a single item that has a steep price tag, why not buy lots of little products which are luxurious but don’t actually cost that much collectively?

A hamper provided by a site like Hampers With Bite will let you include several tasty treats that will make that special someone feel really spoiled. From miniature bottles of champagne to luxury chocolates and fragrances, hampers can really pack a punch, delivering both quality and quantity.

The other great thing about hampers is that they can be adapted to fit the occasion. Whether you are celebrating an important anniversary, trying to impress an important business client or giving a gift to someone with specific tastes and dietary requirements, you should be able to tailor the contents of a hamper accordingly.

Luxury brands offer inexpensive products

While the major fashion houses and retail brands of the world may have hugely expensive products available to customers for whom money is no object, they are well aware that mainstream audiences also want to get a taste of luxury without having to remortgage their houses.

This is where it makes sense to look out for those smaller, cheaper items that are available which still bear that all-important branding which allows them to retain the luxurious associations of the firm in question.

Whether you choose a designer water bottle or a scented candle sold at a boutique brand of bricks and mortar retail outlet, a little logo can go a long way to convincing someone that their gift is seriously special, even if the price tag is much more down to earth.

Fancy food and drink always turns heads

The luxurious-looking gift you choose does not need to be something designed to stick around forever. Choosing an edible alternative is always recommended, especially if the intended recipient is a bit of a foodie.

Everything from artisanal chocolate to exceptional fair trade coffee can make a great gift, and the more you focus on the uniqueness of the brand and the quality of the ingredients, the more luxurious it will seem.

This even applies if you are ordering just a small amount of a given product, since once again branding and packaging will be more relevant than the quantity.

Most importantly of all, when picking a luxurious-looking gift you need to keep in mind the person you are buying it for. It all comes down to brand perception and individual preferences, which should really trump all else when trying to stick within your budget.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin