Give your bathroom a new look with these simple ideas

In any house, it is an absolute must to have a bathroom that is in good working order. They are one of the house’s most used rooms, especially in the mornings when the whole family is trying to prepare for the day.

This indicates that the restroom has to be appealing to a more diverse group of people than simply the family. In addition, guests and visitors must find it pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to experience. 

The challenge is that completely remodelling a bathroom may result in quite high costs. These straightforward suggestions will be of assistance to you if you are operating on a limited spending plan but want to give your old bathroom a modern makeover.


Even a spacious bathroom might be cramped and insufficient if it is cluttered with things that are not needed or wanted in excessive amounts. You should get into the habit of throwing away anything you do not use or need, and you should attempt to finish a whole bottle of shower gel or soap before starting a new one.

It could be helpful to get ideas for storage solutions by looking at a range of vanities for the bathroom. Having cabinets in your bathroom stocked with appealing baskets and containers will help you get more organised and give the impression that there is more room there than there is.


This is true for practically any area, but it is especially important to keep this in mind when it comes to the bathroom because of the potential for it to become dirty and worn out due to the high foot traffic volume.

A new coat of paint, even if it is just plain white, may give a space a new lease on life and give the impression that it is larger and more spacious than it is. If it turns out that other colours are necessary, they can be implemented at a later time through the use of accessories. Always remember that you should only use paint specially made for bathrooms otherwise, the colour will fade rapidly.

New shower curtain

The appearance of a bathroom can be severely ruined by shower curtains that have become dirty and worn out over time. To give it a more modern appearance, consider replacing the curtains with new ones or looking into real screens or glass. 

Fresh towels

The look of a bathroom might be drastically improved with the addition of just a few contemporary, high-end towels. You need to think about how you will present them; will you roll them up and store them on shelves or in crates, or will you go outside the box and utilise antique ladders placed up against a wall to act as a towel rail? 

Retouch the grouting

Messy grouting in the spaces between the tiles will always detract from the room’s overall appeal. For a speedy solution, consider purchasing a grout pen, which can be done at any home improvement or hardware shop for a price that is not prohibitively expensive. 

Photo by Cameron Smith