Five ways you can attract top manufacturing talent

Are you struggling to attract the right manufacturing talent? Find out five things companies in Mexico are doing to overcome this problem.

It’s no secret that there is a global labor shortage. If you have a manufacturing presence in Mexico – or are thinking about setting one up – then it will help to talk to an expert at Tetakawi to come up with creative ways to attract and retain the best talent possible. Doing so can go a long way to building a stable and productive workforce, and here’s why.

Every country, and even local regions, have different work cultures, labor laws, and employment expectations. In Mexico, where 15% to 20% of the country’s employment is based in manufacturing, there is also a perception that these jobs are boring and only repetitive tasks. 

For this reason, the manufacturing sector struggles to attract new workers and often has to deal with a high turnover rate.

A reputable local shelter services company such as Tetakawi can help a manufacturer attract and retain the best employees possible as they understand the local employment environment.

For example, Tetakawi have been providing services in Mexico for nearly thirty-five years and currently manage 5 million square feet of industrial space and employ 24,000 people. They appreciate the challenges involved in finding the right employees and keeping them engaged, and companies like this can share their expertise to make sure your operation experiences the same success with its own labor force.

What some of the best companies in Mexico do to attract employees

People spend a lot of their time at work. It is also a proven fact that if employees are happy when they are working, they’re also more productive and inclined to stay with the same company for a longer period of time.

Here are programs some of the most innovative companies in Mexico are focusing on to make their workplaces more attractive.

1) Career paths and mentorship

Everyone wants the opportunity to grow to improve their lives and their families. Employees want to know that they are not in a dead-end job and that if they work hard, there is a path to advancement. If a worker can be paired with a seasoned employee, they may be able to offer personal advice and suggestions to help the younger counterpart get ahead.

2) Training and education

To help employees advance their careers, companies need to invest in training and education. These programs should include technical skills not just on the latest manufacturing equipment, but also on any office or business applications that could be used in their current and in future positions.

Because education is the path to betterment, employees who have not completed their primary or high school education need to be encouraged to do so. They may also need to be shown how someone can finish school later in life. 

Depending on the position and the employee’s motivation and drive, going back to university to earn a bachelor’s degree could help develop a person’s skills as well as create a dedicated employee who is loyal to a company that opened doors for them that might not have otherwise been available.

3) Family-friendly environments

Progressive companies understand that work impacts family life in a multitude of ways. Possible policies and services that support working parents and primary wage earners include free access to healthcare providers, legal advice, and other professionals on the manufacturing site so that they don’t have to take precious time away from work to take care of personal matters. 

At a time when many seasoned and experienced workers are nearing retirement age, maternity and paternity leave policies are also appealing to a younger generation of workers who are just starting families. Advertising this benefit could make a company more desirable to those in the job market.

4) Diversity and inclusion

Mexico has long been known as a culture that admires machismo, but in recent years women have made great strides. For example, half of the national Congress and about one-quarter of the state governors are women. 

Nurturing a gender-balanced manufacturing work environment is yet another way of making your company a more appealing place to work.

5) Spreading the word about work

Even better, when a job opens at a manufacturing center, a current employee is more likely to recommend a friend or family member they think would make a good addition to the team. Referrals also tend to produce better-qualified candidates and will save the company time and resources that would otherwise be needed for recruitment activities.

Mexico is a land of opportunity

Mexico has one of the largest economies in the world, and manufacturing made up 18% of its gross national product and almost 90% of the total exports in 2022 according to the Banco de Mexico.

If you are with a company looking for alternative locations to set up manufacturing facilities, Mexico is the place to go. And companies like Tetakawi can help you set up operations with a sustainable and lower-cost workforce in as little as 30 days.