Fun and fashionable burgundy nails

Nail designs come and go, but SOME colors will always be in fashion. Burgundy nails are sexy, sophisticated, and can even have a bit of sass. If you are looking for new nail art styles, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we shall take a look at some of the hottest looks for burgundy nails. From short and sporty nails to dark burgundy coffin nails, there is something for everyone!

What your nail color reveals about you

Your nail color says a lot about you. It can reflect your mood, your personality, or your style. And the color of your nail polish is the first thing people will notice, next to the length. Below is a sampling of what the most popular nail colors reveal about you! Following that, we will highlight some of the top looks for burgundy nails.

Blue nails

According to expert manicurists, blue nails equate to creativity. Those who lean towards blue shades are feeling rather expressive and daring. There are dozens of stunning blue hues when it comes to nail polish: from navy blue to teal to periwinkle and baby blue! 

Pink nails

Pink nail polish shows that you have an undeniable feminine side. Subtle shades of pink give off a relaxed vibe while brighter shades reveal that you have a bit of a wild side. Pink nail colors also give off a fun and flirty vibe that can range from dainty and demure (lighter shades) to a more daring side (darker shades of pink)

White nails

Those who opt for solid white nails are embracing their youth. White nails embody vigor and youth with a fun and fresh vibe that is undeniably chic and stylish. In addition, white nail polish can symbolize a fresh start, which is why white nails are often the go-to color for brides-to-be.

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Black nails

Black nail polish is often associated with those who have a bit of a dark side. However, this can also express a sensitive and artistic side. It means you are a bit of a rebel but you also possess some confidence in who you are.

Nude nails

According to celebrity nail artists, nude nails reveal that you are very laid back and often low-maintenance. A nicely shaped nail with a neutral tone shows that while you take pride in your appearance, you are also carefree and don’t worry too much about how you appear to the world around you.

Grey nails

Those who opt for gray nail polish are expressing their inner sense of balance. Gray is a serene and calming color so gray nails reveal that you are feeling at one with the world around you.

Orange nails

Orange nails, while often deemed as “loud” exhibit a feeling of impulsivity. If you choose this as your go-to color, it means that you are often impulsive and spontaneous. Orange nails do not have to be reserved for Halloween, you can sport your bright or burnt orange nail polish year-round to show off your fun side!

Yellow nails

Yellow nails reveal that you have a bright and sunny personality…and you aren’t afraid to show it. If you are feeling especially chipper, a bright yellow shade is the best way to reflect your inner joy.

Purple nails

Similar to blue nail polish, purple nail colors show that you are confident and not afraid to let your creative side shine through! From soft lavenders to deep purple, there are many shades of purple to express your imagination!

Red and burgundy nails

Red is perhaps one of the most versatile shades of nail polish, from bright red to deep burgundy, there are dozens of options for red nails! Red nails can express anything from happiness to anger to fun and flirty! Burgundy nails are often seen as sexy and sultry so many women opt for this color if they are feeling feisty!

Top looks for burgundy nails

If you fancy trying bergundy nails this season, here are some top looks:

  • Wintery burgundy nails with snowflakes
  • Red, black, and white lattice nails
  • Gold, burgundy, and black nails
  • Deep red nails adorned with gold stars
  • Short and shimmery burgundy nails
  • Glossy burgundy nails with diamondettes
  • Matte burgundy nails with silver stripes
  • Burgundy and champagne nails
  • Floral swirls in shades of red and black
  • Burgundy marbled nails