Are you a freelance paralegal in the US? Why health law is a must

If you’re just finishing your BA and have your sights set on becoming a paralegal, then now is the perfect time to research advice on how to advance your career even before it gets started.

With a new administration in Washington, D.C. set to take over in January of 2017, there are some major changes in the wind which it’s wise to prepare yourself for.

The suggestion at this point in time is to continue your studies from home while taking an advanced course in healthcare law, so that you are in a position to ride the tides with changes in affordable healthcare that are soon to take place.

By doing so, you can also work as a freelance paralegal while learning all you need to know about health law and policy so that your services will be in great demand once the changes are ready to be made.

Why is excitement building in the healthcare arena?

Having just spent the past four years of your life studying to become a paralegal, you have undoubtedly studied about the Affordable Care Act and heard all about its pros and cons.

What may also have heard is that it is not affordable, and has added more than a trillion dollars to the already high multi-trillion dollar deficit the new president will be inheriting.

Because Obamacare is not affordable, and most insurance companies are no longer willing to carry it, the new President Elect Donald J. Trump has vowed to repeal it as one of his first acts in the White House – hence the current excitement in the healthcare sector.

How you fit in as a paralegal

This is where you can start getting excited about your own career prospects. It’s very rare that a student just beginning their career would be embarking on the journey at a time when major changes are set to take place.

As a paralegal, you will probably be called upon by legal teams and healthcare agencies to decode the new laws as they come into play.

Today’s lawyers studied healthcare law years ago and, because they’re so busy themselves, they depend on paralegals like you to be up on new laws, case law and where to find everything for their clients’ cases.

It’s an amazing opportunity to get in at the ground floor now. So if you want to steer your career in an exciting direction, work from home and study from home now, and by the time the new laws take effect you’ll be an in-demand expert with job security.

Now THAT’S worth getting excited about!