Free webinar: How to make selling easy using the ‘no-hype’ marketing method

Love to learn the secrets of easy, no-hype marketing? Find out how in our free webinar this week.

A few weeks ago, Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams joined our Double Your Profits programme. Her key goal on the programme was to learn how to sell her online course.

She’d developed it a couple of years ago, but in the past 18 months had found it frustratingly difficult to sell places on it.

And it’s not like she hadn’t tried. She’d invested £4,000 in marketing advice, and a significant amount of money in expensive course marketing software. But nothing was working and she was feeling disheartened.

When she joined Double Your Profits I could see there were a few key areas she wasn’t quite getting right, and explained what I thought they were. I also took her through our sales funnel approach.

This month, Kayleigh closed the latest cohort of her course – the first one she’d run since joining Double Your Profits. And here are the results, in her own words:

I was delighted for Kayleigh when she told me in our weekly call about the result – and it was very much deserved.

But what really struck me was what Kayleigh said about the experience of selling:

“It was so awesome to have a no hype way of doing it. All the other stuff that I’ve tried in the past felt horrible to do. This was so much more comfortable for me to do and it worked better.”

Join our free webinar and learn our ‘no-hype’ marketing method

Having taken a similar path to Kayleigh myself, I realised then how many freelancers and small businesses struggle with the same thing: how to sell effectively (without selling your soul).

So I’ve put together a free class tomorrow that takes you through the four-step, ‘no-hype’ marketing method we’ve developed and that Kayleigh used to dramatically transform her sales.

The webinar takes place at 11:30am on Tuesday 14 July and in it you’ll discover:

  • The big sales mistake 97% of business owners and freelancers are making
  • And the one error most people make with their product trying to make it more attractive… but actually puts OFF customers
  • The two words you need to avoid when describing your ideal customers
  • And the two questions you need to ask to find the people who will buy from you
  • Why you need to take a bottom-up approach to sales (and why most people get this the wrong way round – to their cost)
  • Why simply having the best product won’t win you sales – and what will instead

Are you making any of these mistakes?

If you’re not currently getting all the sales or winning all the clients you want, the chances are you’re making one of these common mistakes – mistakes we ALL make until we learn the secrets to authentic, no-hype selling. 

So if you’d love to ditch hype marketing, panic marketing, hope-for-the-best marketing, and seeing-what-works marketing (the most common ‘strategies’ we see people use… and that we ourselves tried in the early days) and learn a simple, proven method that enables you to authentically sell without hype then join our free webinar. 

Can’t make the class live? You can still watch it! Register for a place anyway and we’ll send you a copy of the recording afterwards, so you can watch it in your own time. 

I look forward to sharing our -no-hype’ marketing method with you tomorrow.

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