Four ways to make your brand stand out at a craft fair

Craft fairs can be a great way to gain exposure for your brand. But, with so many other businesses there, how can you stand out?

Craft fairs are a great way for likeminded people to get together and showcase their products. There’s also plenty of potential for small businesses to show off their brand and make sales in just one day.

But, with so many other brands and stalls there, it can be tough standing out. To help you get noticed, Custom Planet share their top four tips to help you market your small business.

1) Showcase your products

The biggest thing you want to get across to potential customers is what makes you unique. It could be that you use all-natural materials, or you make your products locally. Whatever your unique selling point is, you want to get that across in your stall. 

So, if you make natural lavender soaps, lay out some bunches of lavender around your table. Or, if you make knitted scarves or jumpers, lay out some balls of wool and knitting needles.

It should be obvious at first glance what it is you make but try not to go overboard with your decorations. A cluttered display will likely catch the attention of passers-by for the wrong reason! 

2) Wear your brand

It’s not only your stall that should look the part – you should too! Of course, make sure you look presentable and are ready and waiting with a smile, but wearing branded clothing can also help you make a sale.

Consider a T-shirt with your company colours and logo printed or embroidered on it – this can help you look much more professional, rather than just a hobbyist.

Plus, if you’ve enlisted some extra helping hands, it can really tie your whole team together. If you show your pride in your business, customers are more likely to share your passion and enthusiasm.

3) Give out promotional materials

People love a freebie and it can really help to draw people to your stall if you’re offering something extra. Whatever it is you give out, remember to include your company name and contact details on it, as these products will act as extra advertisements for your brand.

If you’re only a small business, don’t worry about spending too much on your promotional materials. Something as small as a branded pen can still work well, just make sure your choice of product is relevant and useful. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some people at the event might not have time to stand and chat, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Invest in some business cards which you can leave out in easy-to-reach places on your stand. That way, if people are walking past your stall and you’re busy or they don’t have time to speak to you, they can still contact you after the event is over. 

4) Offer a personalised service

It’s no secret that customers like to feel valued. Offering a more personalised service can help to encourage new customers to make a purchase and can boost repeat custom.

Ask them for their name and introduce yourself before going into your sales pitch. Then, when they make a buying decision, suggest other items they might like based on their taste. You could also offer a gift-wrapping service to add an extra element of luxury to the buying process.

Craft fairs are the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, but it can be difficult to get your name out there when there’s so many other businesses. No matter if you’re a small hobbyist or a larger brand, the tips in this guide will help you market your business. Why not try them out at your next craft fair?

John Armstrong is Director and Co-Owner of printwear and branding specialists Custom Planet.

Photo by Annie Spratt