Four ways to create a feminine brand (without using pink)

If you want to make a brand feminine, you change the colour to pink and add a twirly, italicised typeface, right? 

Well, not so fast. While that might have been the done thing in the past, feminine branding has moved beyond that and become more niche. It isn’t just a ‘re-skinning’ of the conventional brand. It has to speak to gender, too. 

So what are modern women looking for in a brand? Let’s take a look. 

1) Talk about feminine themes

Your brand is much more than simply the way your marketing materials appear. Branding is simply the ideas that your audience has about you in their minds. You can influence what they think directly, or you can leave it up to them to decide how they want to view you. 

One of the best ways to create a feminine brand is to discuss feminine themes in your content. The more you talk about the type of issues that matter to modern women, the more likely you are to attract them to your enterprise. As soon as women notice that you’re speaking to them directly, not a general audience, you’ve launched a feminine brand. 

Talking about feminine themes can take a variety of forms. For instance, you might cover women’s issues in your posts or simply write in a “girly girl” way which makes it clear who you are trying to address. 

2) Be empathetic

Being empathetic is another great way to launch a feminine brand. Taking the time to understand what your customers really want and then giving it to them is a trait that you want your audience to know you for. 

Being empathetic just requires listening and paying close attention to the needs of your customers. If they can get hold of you any time to talk things over with you, then you’ll come across as more receptive and welcoming, two important traits. 

3) Be gentle when talking to people

Some brands are deliberately brusque. And that’s a good thing. But if you communicate with customers like this, they’ll never get a feminine sense from you. 

The trick here is to be gentle with your audience. Avoid assuming that they understand everything in advance and, if you’re using a text messaging service, be inclusive. 

Having gentleness as part of your approach, or kindness, is rare in business. Many companies are goal- or service-orientated and obsessed with efficiency. Firms that take a more relaxed approach while still delivering quality services are fewer and further between. 

4) Invest in women’s causes

Lastly, you can give your brand a more feminine edge by investing in causes that primarily affect women. These could include things like women’s health and rights.

These issues are important to the type of customers most likely to buy from you. If they can see that you are a champion of the women’s movement, that will put you squarely in the female camp. You can then use this posturing to sell products aimed at a feminine audience. 

So, which of these methods will you use to create a feminine brand?

Photo by Kevin Kristhian