Four ways families can support parents aging in place

Have your parents mentioned where they want to stay during their retirement? According to AARP, 87% of senior adults want to stay in their current homes as they age.

In fact, most parents may even refrain from being vocal about their needs, but they might need more help than what they’re used to. 

While every situation is different, now is the time to determine how to lend a hand or even where to start. Here are four ways families can support aging parents.

1) Help them stay active

Many aging parents tend to be isolated because they stop doing things they used to enjoy due to hearing loss or limited mobility. Encourage your parents to stay physically fit and mobile, especially if they want to age in place. Regular exercise can help them maintain good health by strengthening their bones, joints, and muscles. 

In fact, physical activity is vital for improving mood, balance, strength, and endurance. Not to mention, exercise can also help to treat the early onset of depression, prevent dementia and mental decline, reduce memory problems, and the risk of falls. 

2) Invest in life insurance

While it may seem as if there is nothing that could prepare you for an unexpected event, buying life insurance for parents can provide peace of mind for both you and your family.

This can be done in two ways. Your parents can buy their own life insurance policy, which does not require insurable interest. Alternatively, you can choose a life insurance policy if you can prove insurable interest and have their consent. 

3) Understand the options of proper care 

It’s important to take the time to talk to your parents about what type of care options they’re open to and available to them. After all, in-home care doesn’t have to be a full commitment. You may need to do some research of your own about the sort of care options that are available – you may wish to start with something like this new article about in-home care services and see whether that could be a good option for your family.

The best approach is to discuss their biggest concerns and seek the most comfortable options for them. While many seniors may be comfortable hiring a cleaner for housekeeping, others may prefer a simple meal delivery plan. 

4) Seek support beyond your care

Successful aging in place involves setting up a community support system for the entire family. The first step is to know what kind of care they need to help make decision-making a lot easier. It could help you identify the kind of support they need and how much it is going to cost you every month and in the long run.

Home care programs, such as these home care services Franklin Tennessee options, can provide assistance in filling in the blanks in your support system. If you do not live with your parents, then paying for home health aides should be part of your monthly expenses. 

Aging in place can be successful for your parents. All it takes is a bit of compassion, understanding, and a whole lot of planning to prepare and know what the options are for your family.