Four treats your children can buy their pets this Christmas

One of the many joys in owning a pet, if you’re under the age of 16, is choosing a Christmas present for them. 

Every year, my daughter drags me to the local pet shop, to spend (what feels like) hours picking out the perfect gift for her oblivious hamster.  

I’m sure that Dolly the hamster has no clue that the new treats that appear in her cage on Christmas day have anything to do with Santa. But the pleasure my daughter gets from choosing and giving the gifts is immeasurable. 

It’s also a good lesson in the joys of giving, rather than simply receiving. So it’s one tradition I’m happy to support. 

This year though I thought I’d get ahead of the game and research some present ideas to perhaps cut down on the choosing time. So here are four ideas for treats your children can buy their pets this Christmas

1) A calming bed

If you’ve got an excitable or nervous dog, then you might want to steer your child towards a calming bed for them. 

Apparently, calming beds have used by therapist to ease anxiety for years. Their raised rim creates a sense of security, and their soft fur helps them to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.

2) A LickiMat 

Love sharing leftovers like gravy with your cat or dog? Or want to keep them occupied for a while?

Simply pour or spread soft or wet food onto a LickiMat and let your pet happily lick it from the grooves. They’re a great boredom buster and can slow down greedy eaters. You can even leave your mat in the fridge or freezer on hot days for a cooling treat. 

3) A Christmas treat stocking

If your child really wants to embrace the spirit of Christmas you can always help them buy their pet their own Christmas treat stocking. You can find them for cats, dogs and small, furry animals. 

Can’t find a stocking for your pet? Why not make your own. Treat it as a fun craft/shopping project and make or buy a stocking and fill it with treats your child thinks their pet will like – from catnip toys for your cat to buying Horse Feed Online at Spillers to include. 

4) A personalised name sign

Okay so your pet may not be able to read, but you can cheer up their bed, cage or stall with a personalised pet name sign. You can either buy a personalised sign from sites like or make your own. 

Again this would make a fun craft project for your child, sourcing the material for the sign and then decorating it with your pet’s name and another other illustrations.