Four tips to help you maintain wellness in the workplace

Want a happy, healthy and productive workplace? Here are four tips to help you maintain wellness.

As 2019 progresses, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of mental health. Many people struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis, and this can significantly impact the workplace and how they function in their day to day life.

Here, we are going to give you some of our best tips for maintaining wellness in the workplace. Keep reading to find out more.

1) Start the day on a positive note

One of the best ways to make work a happier and healthier place is to start the day off on a good note. So, rather than start the day in a panic, plan your morning routine. Allow yourself time to do things that you enjoy in the mornings, and make time for breakfast.

To reduce stress, it’s also a good idea to leave plenty of time for your commute. Many people choose to listen to podcasts for commutes. This can help make your journey pass more quickly, and get your brain going so you arrive at work ready to start the day.

2) Take regular breaks

While it’s important to start the day with a healthy breakfast, it won’t see you through until you finish work. So make sure you schedule time in your day for breaks, and keep a selection of healthy snacks to hand if you’re flagging.

And don’t be tempted to work through your lunch break. It’s important to take a proper break from work – and your desk – however busy you might be. You’ll be fresher and more energised in the afternoon when you do.

3) Organise group activities

If the atmosphere at work is frosty, unfriendly and uncooperative then not only will productivity suffer, but the mental health of everyone who works there will suffer.

Sometimes a negative workplace environment can be due to a lack of communication and friendship between staff. To help avoid or solve this, it’s worth considering hosting some group activities to get everyone involved.

This could be in your office or on an activity day elsewhere. Try to get everyone involved if you can, and plan activities that help them to work and have fun together.

4) Create a happy work-life balance

If you’re buying the candle at all ends – working late and then going home to take care of your family responsibilities – then something will give at some point. And it’s often your mental health.

To prevent burnout, and foster a happy workplace, make sure everyone has a healthy work-life balance. If you’re always the last to leave work, this could be affecting your mental health.

Try to encourage everyone to work office hours, and only take work home if it’s an emergency. This way, everyone can enjoy their time off and be ready to embrace their tasks with enthusiasm when they’re working. 

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar