Four surprising reasons to carry a pocket knife with you every day

Whether you’re an avid weekend explorer or occasional camper, a pocket knife is a ncessesary tool to carry. Read on to learn four reasons why.

For most of us, a knife isn’t the first accessory we’d consider carrying. But if you’re planning a weekend camping trip, or day hike with friends, you could be grateful for one.

Knives aren’t just for hunters. They can also serve a myriad of different purposes for anyone exploring the wild – from keeping you safe from predators, to treating wounds and preparing food.

And the great thing about a knife is that it can be small, light, easy to carry, and doesn’t require any extra equipment. It can just slip into your pocket ready for when you need it.

If you are still not convinced about whether to buy a folding pocket knife or not, this post explores four benefits of having one.

1) It is the perfect survival companion

One of the biggest reasons to consider a folding knife is that it can help you survive in the wild, should you need it.

When you are going camping or hiking, you will need a knife that may help you cut fruit, set up tents, and forge a fire out of the woods. Though there are many sharp blades available on the market, it is still wise to choose a pocket tool that is easy to carry and doesn’t add weight to your luggage.

The major highlight of these knives is that they can seamlessly perform tasks with great precision. Unlike carrying heavy tools that will make your movements slow, choosing a pocket knife can help take quick action against animal attacks. If you’re a hiker, or camper, you cannot afford to be without a folding knife.

2) It can be a self-defense weapon, if you need it

Another major reason to consider a folding knife is that it can act as a self-defence tool to protect you in potentially lethal circumstances. That’s not to say you should consider using it to hurt someone, but merely having it can potentially scare off an attacker.

Also, as mentioned already, if you are out in the wild and come across a dangerous predator you cannot avoid, you will be grateful for it. Obviously your first reaction should be to get away, ensuring no one and nothing is harmed, but if you have no option but to defend yourself, you will be glad you are carrying this tool.

3) It can be handy for first-aid

While many people associate knives with causing injuries, they can also be a useful tool un treating them. For example, a folding knifeman be used to tear clothing to cover or stem blood loss from a wound, or remove unwanted objects near an injury. If you already have bandages, you can easily cut them with a knife.

Also, if you are out in the wild, a folding knife is a handy tool for cutting back large bushes to prevent injury and scratches. There are so many ways a knife can help with first aid in the wild, so make sure you carry one with you on your next outback adventure.

4) It can be used to peel and prepare food

When you prepare food at home, you have a kitchen full of implements to help you. But if you are trekking in the wild, you can’t carry a drawer full of tools to use. This is where a simple knife comes into its own.

A compact knife can help you peel, de-seed and chop fruits and vegetables easily. You can also cut them down from trees and bushes. It’s basically like carrying a kitchen in your pocket in one handy tool!

Photo by Anastasiia Tarasova