Four signs a tire on your car needs replacing – and why you need to act fast

Want to save money and be safer on the road? Discover four signs a tire on your car may need replacing, and why you need to act fast.

Have you seen a sudden hike in your fuel consumption, even though you are not traveling more than usual? Or have you noticed your car vibrating in an unusual way, or making annoying sounds while driving?

These could all be indications that your car needs a tire replacing. Read on for more signs to look out for.

1) You can see dents or cracks in your tires

What most people don’t realize is that tires perform more functions than simply rolling around at high speeds. The exposure to harsh elements result in worn down tires that are quite easy to notice with the appearance of bulges or cracks on the tire surface. 

If you notice any signs that your tire(s) may be on poor health, such as cracks, dents or bulges, it is important to get them replaced as soon as possible. Worn down tires are a huge threat to your safety on the road so this really isn’t a sign you can afford to ignore or put off acting on.

2) You have difficulty in controlling the steering wheel

Tires that are in bad health imposes a considerable amount of danger on your safety and security which is also reflected in your ability to steer well. Worn out tires can make steering tougher as it can be harder to grip your steering wheel, or you may find it more tricky or even impossible to turn or pull your car to one side freely.

Before the situation gets out of control and causes an accident, it is important to get your tires replaced. This can ultimately save you money, and protect yourself, your loved ones and innocent bystanders from the potential of an accident through poorly maintained tires.

3) You notice unusual noises and vibrations

If you are notice a sudden shift or increase in annoying noises or vibrations in your vehicle, it could be because your tires are not balanced correctly. Because of harsh exposure and usual wear and tear, the weight of your tires can become unbalanced, which results in unusual noises or vibrations.

Unbalanced tires can also lead to other unwanted wear and tear, imposing a danger on the outer body of your vehicle. Another reason for unusual noises can be that your tires are getting too hot while driving. This can be caused by over inflation which threatens the grip and hold of your tires on the surface of the road. Unusual noises can also be an indication that it is the time to replace your brake pads.

Every problem comes down to the same solution of ensuring that your car is checked out by a professional immediately, and any tires that need so being replaced.

4) You are wasting fuel 

Have you noticed lately that your car is consuming more fuel than usual? It could be that you are having to fill up more often, even though you are making regular journeys.

This can happen when the tires of your vehicle become rough and cracked, which causes your car to need more energy to move the tires, resulting inane increasing in consumption or wastage of fuel.

If you care about the environment and also your own budget, it is wise to get your car checked out when your fuel consumption rises. Ask a professional to check that your tires are all safe, and if you need to, change any. It may cost you money in the short term, but will be safer and cheaper over time.

Is it time to change your tires?

As you can see, it is vitally important that you stay aware of the health of your car’s tires. They don’t simply help you get from A to B; they keep you and other people safe, and make your driving experience more safe, pleasant and cheaper.

Getting your tires regularly checked and changed if needed is am important and responsible investment as a car owner or driver. So find a reputable local company, such as UAE tires, who can provide premium quality tires that provide high performance with greater balance and longer life. You can check out their website to buy the best tires online.