Four reasons to start a business card printing business

Want to set up your own business venture? Here are four reasons why you should consider starting a business card printing business.

One of the hardest parts of starting a ew business for many aspiring entrepreneurs is coming up with an idea. So, to help you, here are four reasons why you might want to think about launching a business card printing business.

1) Business cards are as important as ever

Worried that there’s no need for business card printing because business cards are outdated in today’s modern tech era? That all you need is a LinkedIn profile… not an old-fashioned bit of card?


If so, we’re delighted to inform you that business cards are as vital as ever – if not more so. It’s your chance to get your name, contact details and brand actual in the hand of potential contacts and clients.

Your business card is a physical reminder of your business that they can refer back to if they need, and even pass onto someone who might need your services.

It also removes the room for error when telling someone your name, phone number, email address or website. A potentially useful contact needs only to get one number or letter wrong and they’re lost forever.

However, a business card has your correct details on whenever they need them. So you don’t have to worry about being memorable – a great business card will do that for you.

2) You don’t need a huge budget to launch your business

You don’t need to invest in thousands of pounds or dollars worth of equipment, or fancy premises to launch a business card printing business. You just need a laptop, business card paper, a printer high quality ink with a setting that can handle business cards, and a card trimmer. Visit Supply Link USA if you are looking for bulk ink and toner cartridges at less than wholesale prices.

You can either print pre-designed cards (there are lots of great pre-designed templates that you can use), or if you have design skills, offer a design service too.

Business card paper comes with a choice of different coatings, each with their own pros and cons. Matte and basic cards are the cheapest cards to print and will work with any inkjet printer. However they don’t look great quality next to other cards.

Glossy coatings can look more impressive and work well with photos, but aren’t compatible with laser printers. And finally, textured cards can wow, but will also not work with laser printers.

3) You can explore the creative side of your personality

As already mentioned, you can easily use pre-designed business card templates if you wish. But if you do have design flair and are looking for a business outlet for it, business cards could be the answer.

Not everyone wants a plain, boring business card. And you could make your creativity or business USP and offer uniquely designed cards that are guaranteed to impress.

4) Earn a flexible income

With minimal overheads, you can take on as much or little work as you wish as a business card printing business. You can increase or decrease your marketing according to your workload, and even take time off if you wish.

You’re not restricted by long contracts, and customers pay up front, ensuring that this is a flexible business that can work to your schedule.