Four of the top productivity tools for working from home

Working from home? Discover four of the top productivity tools to help you focus and achieve more.

Remaining productive is a huge challenge when working from home. With so many possible distractions (not least of all home schooling!), it can sometimes feel impossible to get anything done.

Luckily, technology offers us plenty of productivity-boosting tools. For a few of the best, try these top four picks.

1) Toggl 

Toggl is a straightforward time tracking application, helping users to check how long they are spending on each task. Using Toggl, you can track your day and your projects, using pie charts and bar graphs.

The application can be integrated with other popular software tools, including Freshbooks and Basecamp. A few of the key features include task breakdowns, sharing reporting, one-click monitoring, and working offline.

2) Serene

Serene combines several great productivity features onto one platform. Using Serene you can block the websites that distraction you, so you won’t get interrupted or lose focus. You can plan your day, create goals, and to-do lists. There’s also ‘focus music’, to keep your mind from drifting.

Serene automatically puts your phone on silent when you are working. As well as all this, the app encourages users to work in ‘power sessions’ of 20-90 mins. These sessions should be highly productive, with brief breaks in between. The idea is that you don’t spend too long on one task, and this prevents fatigue.

3) Forest

Forest encourages users to stop using their phones while working (one of the worst distractions ever)! First, you open a session in Forest, when you do this, you’ll see a digital seed. The idea is that you have to stay on the app screen, without leaving the screen and using your phone.

The tree starts to grow and grows bigger the longer you stay in the app. After a while, you’ll have many digital trees. (Remember, exiting the app before the Forest session has ended means the tree dies)!

One of the best things about the app is that it works in partnership with tree planting nonprofits. Once you’ve planted a few digital trees, you can trade in points to plant real trees. Forest helps you to go green and boost productivity at the same time.

4) ProofHub

To support your project management needs, ProofHub is a fantastic tool. Using the app you can create to-do-lists, access Gannt charts, and collaborate with your team. There’s also a proofing tool, which can help you to finalize documents.

Further features include chats, easy workflows, security options, events and milestones, and reporting. To boost the efficiency of your projects, ProofHub is just what you need.

Creating the right space

Once you’ve got the right tools, it’s important to create the perfect home office. For advice on the best office furniture, take a look at It’s vital to ensure that you set up your workstation ergonomically, to avoid injuries.

Declutter your space, remove distractions and add indoor plants to boost productivity. It can be challenging to stay focused, but with the right space, you’re working will become that little bit easier. To avoid the problems of working from home, it’s important to get yourself organized. If you’re still hungry for some productivity hacks and tips, check out this article from TimeCamp.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova