Four of the top benefits of having a bathtub

Considering having a bathtub fitted in your home? Read on to learn about five of the top benefits of a bath.

If you are considering renovating your bathroom and adding a bathroom fixture that will add style and a focal point, you should look into bathtubs that can occupy a vantage point in your bathroom other than near a wall.

A bathtub offers personal comfort after a hectic and tiring workday. It will help you unwind and de-stress. But these are not the only benefits you can get when you have a bathtub at home.

A bathtub is a bathroom fixture that allows you to bathe comfortably. Not only that. It can provide health benefits, convenience, cost savings, aesthetic appeal and elegance. For example, freestanding baths can take centre stage in the bathroom, making a unit the focal point that gives the room a sense of elegance and luxury.

1) Baths relieve aches and pains

Stay-at-home parents, office workers, and people who lead an active life often feel aches or pains at the end of the day. Although some people have time to get a massage, more people enjoy a long soak in warm or hot water at home. Soaking in the bath can relieve aching joints and sore back muscles. Aside from relieving your pain, soaking in a bathtub can remove your stress to help you calm down and relax.

2) Baths help you breathe more easily

Sometimes you feel that it is difficult to breathe. You feel some congestion. A steaming hot bath can help you breathe easier, especially if you have a cold. The temperature and pressure of the water cause your heart to beat faster, allowing you to increase your oxygen intake. In addition, the vapour from the hot water moistens the air, easing the congestion you feel by clearing your chest and sinuses.

3) Baths make it easier to bathe young children

Most young children love to play while bathing. However, bathing them in the shower or low bathtub is difficult. A free standing bath tub is higher, so it is easier to bathe a young child.

The tub also prevents the child from running and slipping. It can help you, too. You do not have to bend too much and injure your back. You can sit on a stool while bathing your child. With some water in the tub, your child can have rubber toys.

4) Baths enhance the look of your bathroom

If you pick a specific spot for a bathtub, you give your bathroom a focal point. In addition, it will give your bathroom a distinct style and flair. Bathtubs come in various colours today, from bright white to black, green, navy blue, grey, cream, etc. Some shops carry designer colours, too. Thus, you can select a complementary or contrasting colour to make the bath stand out.

5) Baths are cost-efficient

You use more water when you take a shower because most of the water is wasted. With a bathtub, you can control the water, helping you save money on your water bills. Moreover, you can find a bathtub that can maintain water temperature longer, so you can stay longer in the bath without feeling cold.

A bathtub provides you with a list of benefits and advantages. It will bring you comfort, value for money, health benefits, and aesthetic appeal. Adding a freestanding bath could do the trick if you want a stylish bathroom.