Four natural ways to cure a hangover

With Christmas parties and the relief of deadlines being completed for the end of the year, December can see your alcohol consumption rise.

And when you’re drinking more than usual there’s a pretty big chance you’re going to be left coping with a hangover the next day.

A hangover is your body’s way of expelling the toxins from the alcohol consumed, leading to an uncomfortable combination of symptoms such as headache and nausea.

The good news is that there are some natural methods you can use to help cure your symptoms or maybe even prevent them altogether. Here are five to try.

1) Drink water and other fluids 

When you wake up after a night of drinking, you may not even feel like moving. Before doing anything else, you want to drink as much water as you can to rehydrate your body.

Drink slowly, and make sure you don’t drink too much because that can end up making you feel worse. Water is ideal, but you can also drink electrolyte solutions such as sports drinks and bouillon soups, and you can sip on fruit and vegetable juice as well. 

2) Take B vitamins 

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means your body loses a lot of vitamins and other nutrients when you’re drinking, including the B vitamins.

B vitamins are crucial for performing various functions in the body to keep you healthy, such as promoting good digestion, promoting cell health and growth of red blood cells, helps your eyesight, promotes proper nerve functions, and helps with cholesterol production and cardiovascular health. 

When you drink heavily your body experiences a significant loss of the B vitamins, which causes the foggy symptoms associated with a hangover. Taking a B12 hangover supplement in the morning following a night of drinking can help ease some of your symptoms. 

3) Eat breakfast 

The last thing you might want to do in the morning is to make and eat a big breakfast – after all, you’ve probably got a pounding headache and might even feel like you could throw up.

A common myth is that you should have a breakfast filled with greasy and fatty foods when you’re hungover. Instead, stick with healthier options.

Eggs are not only very easy to make, but they provide a good source of protein, and there are many ways you can prepare them. Chicken noodle soup may not be considered a normal breakfast, but you’re getting protein, electrolytes, and it’s easy to digest. Other options include smoothies, watermelon, bananas, bread, and crackers. 

4) Get more sleep 

If you wake up and feel like you’re on the verge of death, then go back to sleep. If you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t rush things. Just drink a glass of water and get some more rest.

Make sure it’s nice and dark. You’ll want your room to be quiet. If the sun is shining through your window, hang a blanket up over it to block it out, or use a sleeping mask. If your surroundings are noisy, you can use earplugs to help drown out the noise. 

A hangover is your body telling you to take it easy next time because you went too far with your alcohol consumption. Next time you have a night of drinking planned, make sure to pace yourself by drinking in moderation.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to alcohol. It could take your best friend a lot more alcohol to feel anything, while it may only take you one or two drinks. It’s important to know your limit. 

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy