Four location independent jobs for freelancers and employees

The workplace is changing. More and more companies (like Amazon, for example) are embracing an improved work-life balance and, as part of that, are encouraging their employees to work from home – or anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Location-independent workers can be contractors who work on a freelance basis, or employees who enjoy all the perks of having a steady job, with the added benefit of being able to work in their PJs if they wish.

So, if you fancy earning money from home, here are four jobs that can be completely location independent.

1) Writers

The joy of writing is that all you really need is a half-decent laptop and a bit of a creative mind and you’re ready to go!

Pretty much any kind of writing can be done remotely; whether you’re a novelist, write technical documentation or are a whizz at creating viral blog posts. It’s an industry with an abundance of work that pays pretty well too.

If you’re just starting out, using online job boards can really help you land those first few gigs, to help you build up a portfolio and start building some steady, regular clients.

2) Web designers and developers

There’s a strong demand for both web designers and developers, and both roles can be done remotely if you have a reliable internet connection and a good laptop or desktop computer.

The work is usually project-based which is great if you want to live on the road, and it can pay very well.

Remote work in this field has allowed companies to outsource work from further afield too, without the worry of visa restrictions. Take South American countries for example; visas can be tedious, but, thanks to the world of remote work, companies can now source some of the world-class talent the likes of Brazil, Chile and Peru have to offer.

Daniela Morado, a spokesperson for MONEDEROsmart and a developer owes a lot of her successes to working remotely and landing great gigs.  

3) Travel consultants

Gone are the days where people walk into their local travel agency to book their holidays. However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t willing to seek expert advice and pay for it.

Many travel consultants can work from their own home building up their client base using social media and word of mouth. If you have a passion for travel and a knack for sales, this could be the career path for you.

4) Marketing consultants

Marketing is a great ‘foot in the door’ kind of job and has a relatively low barrier to entry, making it a great first step towards a location independent lifestyle.

Whether it’s digital or print, social media marketing or SEO strategy, there’s something to suit every kind of taste and there are a plethora of tools available out there to help you on your way. There are also lots of inspiring stories of women who’ve built successful careers in marketing, like Abigail Dixon of Labyrinth Marketing.